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  1. Bump; we have five paid and ready to go. I assume others are committed but not paid - probably a couple spots left.
  2. The league appears to have a few spots (five are paid on LeagueSafe with additional committed). I’m preemptively posting to help out the commish. Direct message me with your email if you’re interested and I’ll connect you to commissioner for hyperlinks. Turf Munchers - 7th year redraft $100 Entry Fee, 10 Players. ESPN Auction Draft Sep 3rd 9:30pm EST 2QB - 3WR - 2RB- W/R/T- TE- K- DST 7BEN 1st- $600 2nd- $300 3rd- $100
  3. Nevermind, was in spam. Paid and also in the espn league. As someone who's organized these in the past, thank you for your time and effort. Cheers
  4. Thinking of starting this back up for draft this afternoon or tonight, if I can drum up enough interest. I've run it two years in a row with minimal issues; admittedly I took a couple weeks to initiate payouts last year due to a hectic work schedule. Let me know
  5. Interested in joining a leaguesafe league. Pm me if you have an opening. Up for anything from $20-$100.
  6. We are up to eight confirmed League Safe payments, with one in-process. Join now to get the last spot and draft in ten minutes!
  7. We are drafting at 930pm eastern. We just received our sixth League Safe payment. Message me your email and I will send you invites. Let me know if you have any questions.
  8. Still looking for members. We have five paid using League Safe, with others confirmed, awaiting payment.