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  1. One more owner! We’ll draft tomorrow night
  2. It's not looking like it, would you be willing to draft tomorrow? I'll post the league on other sites
  3. Still need two owners! Looking to draft tonight after 7pm cst. I can change it to QS thats fine with me. Don't think we'll get to twelve though
  4. I’m wanting to draft when league is full, need 3 more owners
  5. Link is up and LeagueSafe has been made. As soon as we get enough owners we can decide on draft time. Any rule or scoring changes you want let me know, never been a commish for baseball before
  6. http://fantasy.espn.com/baseball/league/join?leagueId=98203076&inviteId=a3a61db9-75e2-4fd2-ae4b-e02ee8b361ca
  7. Sorry fellas I was out of the home, looks like we can get enough and possibly draft tonight if everyone is ready. I will make the league now and post link
  8. Trying to do it as soon as the league fills
  9. Looking to start a league, 8-12 owners. Everything up for discussion with scoring and payouts, decided having just one team wasn't enough. Anyone interested?