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  1. Hey everyone, we had someone bow out of our draft for personal reasons so we need one more to fill a two copy league drafting on MFL tomorro (May 31, 2020). It is a 24 team league BUT it is a two copy league so it is similar to a 12 team league. The team received 10th pick in the Derby which is more or less the 5th pick in the draft. It is a slow draft with an 8 hour clock per pick. Rosters are as follows: 1 QB, 1 RB, 1 WR, 2 TE, 4 FLEX (W/R), 1 SF (Q/W/R/T), 18 Bench Entry is $52 per year ($104 this year to pay for 2020 and 2021 dues) There are alot of scoring bonuses which I have listed below but the main ones are: Cheers
  2. If I haven't responded to you you guys @Grizz and @TheNuggetsby email, please send me an email to requesting an invite. 3 more spots left!
  3. scoring: Rules: Hey all happy off season! I am starting a 24 team TWO COPY Dynasty league on MFL....what is this you ask, well its a league where two of the same player can be drafted but NOT by the same team. So let's say this year in your dynasty you REALLY want Saquon Barkley, well now you have two shots to get him! The league basically plays the same manner as any other league except there are 2 copies of each player in the league, hence 24 teams instead of 12. (Types of two copy leagues explained below). The entry fee is $52 each year but $104 will be due upon entry for 2020 dues and 2021 dues. The extra $4 is to cover the site fee that MFL has. The Starting Lineup requirements are: 1 - QB 1 - SF (W/R/T/Q) 1 -RB 1 -WR 2 -TE 4- RB / WR The league scoring highlights are PPR, TE PRem (+1 / Reception), 6 pts TD for QBs 8 teams will make the playoffs. The playoff teams will be choosing using Victory Points (VP). The VP system will use the thirds model, in that you will gain points based on where you rank in league scoring that week. The top third will receive 3 points, the middle 3rd 1.5 and the bottom third none. You may also earn Victory points by winning head to head matchups weekly. Selection of Draft order: Derby style - Draft order will be randomized and the first person will get to select their draft position (1-24), 2nd in line will select from what is left and so on. Type of Draft: 3RS - 3rd round serpentine - means at the commencement of the third round the order reverses and continues normally as a snake draft for the rest of the draft (eg. 1st pick has 1.01, 2.12, 3.12, 4.01, 5.12, etc. 12th pick has 1.12, 2.01, 3.01, 4.12, 5.01, etc.) Rookies will be in the startup draft. Payouts to be determined through a poll. There will be bylaws to be read and agreed upon seeing how it is a dynasty league. If you want an invite or a complete scoring breakdown please email me at What is a 2-copy league? Conference Separation version 2-Copy leagues come in two normal varieties. The more common one is the two-conference version. This is essentially where two 12 team leagues share a common set of bylaws, roster structure and scoring but compete independently of each other throughout the season, only meeting in a league championship. Think of that as one of your 12 team leagues champions paying another one of your 12 team leagues champions. Do both teams have a few of the same players, probably. Conference Non-Separation version - OUR VERSION Now the other way to play a 2-copy league is do away with the separation of the leagues and that’s we are going to do. We are taking the rosters and teams from two 12 team leagues and merging them into one league. Outside of that base factor, it’s a fantasy league like any other. You play an opponent(s) weekly, have a place in the standings, make the playoffs and continue to hunt for the championship. How Non-Separation Changes things In the non-separated version, as you can probably guess, the leagues are merged meaning that instead of 11 trade partners, you have 23. Instead only one guy owning Patrick Mahomes, two people do. Beyond that, think how your strategy must change. Neal Scoring: · Passing Yards: 0.04 points per yard (25 yards = 1 point) · Passing TDs: 6 points · Interceptions: -2 points · Pick 6 Thrown: -4 points · QB Sacked: -2 points · 40 Yard Completion Bonus: 1 point · 40 Yard Completion + TD Bonus: 2 points · Tight End Receptions: 2 points · Rushing Yards: 0.1 points per yard (10 yards = 1 point) · Rushing Yards 1st down: 0.25 points · Rushing TDs: 5 points · Rush Attempts: 0.25 points · 40 Yard Rush Bonus: 2 points · 40 Yard Rush Bonus + TD Bonus: 2 points · Receiving TDs: 5 points · Reception (WR/RB/QB): 1 point · Receiving 1st down: 0.25 points · Receiving Yards: 0.1 points per yard (10 yards = 1 point) · 40 Yard Reception Bonus: 2 points · 40 Yard Reception + TD Bonus: 2 points · 100-199 Yard Rushing Game: 1 point · 200+ Yard Rushing Game: 3 points · 100-199 Yard Receiving Game: 1 point · 200+ Yard Receiving Game: 3 points · 300-399 Yard Passing Game: 1 point · 400+ Yard Passing Game: 3 points · 200+ Combined Rush & Receiving Yards: 4 points · 25+ Pass Completions: 2 points · 20+ Carries: 3 points · Fumbles: -2 points · 2 point Conversion: 2 points Miscellaneous: · Kick/Punt Return TD: 6 points · Fumble Lost: -2 points
  4. Slow draft to commence as soon as everyone has joined and paid Done on the sleeper app/platform (If you haven't used it before I suggest it it's pretty easy to navigate and interactive!) $75 USD entry ($75 USD upfront ($75 paid now before slow draft and $75 to be paid before the season) and every year after you pay $75 USD for the next year because it's a dynasty we pay a year in advance so it keeps people from abandoning their teams) done through leaguesafe) Rosters: 1 QB, 2 RB, 2 WR, 1 TE, 2 FLEX (w/r/t), 1 superflex (1/w/r/t), 16 bench, 2 IR, 3 TAXI (no kickers no defenses) Scoring: ppr, 1.5 ppr for TE receptions, 4 pts per passing td The rookie draft will be done after the actual NFL draft. *ORDER OF THE ROOKIE draft: If you want a rookie, during the veteran slow draft you draft a kicker, this is your place holder for when you pick in the rookie draft. There is no limit to how many kickers you can draft just note when you draft a kicker this is your pick for the round instead of picking a veteran. FOR EXAMPLE: if it's the 3rd round and you really want Joe Burrow and no one has picked a kicker yet, you draft a kicker and you have the number 1 pick in the rookie draft, that way you are ensured Joe Burrow, next kicker drafted gets the second rookie pick and so on. *NOTE* drafting a kicker is not drafting the actual rookie you want, it is just a placeholder to where you pick in the rookie draft! Email me for an invite, spots filling up fast! Cheers
  5. do you still think he's not a handcuff? Dios Lewis is a pass catching and a 3rd down back. and if Henry went down theyd bring in someone you saw if Kamara is out, it's Latavius' job, so must definitely he's a handcuff
  6. I wouldn't. When Mahomes comes back he has as tough schedule and you're losing an Elite TE and if you play the matchups with Goff and Allen, they will score more points from now until the end of the season than Mahomes from when he's back till the end of the season. Plus even when he's back if you play the matchups he will probably only score at most 10 points more than the highest scoring qb out of those two weekly...that not worth losing the upside of Engram