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  1. i would go with Chark I don't want to play 3 rams players vs the 49ers
  2. Thielan- I think he has a good game Kupp- His QB loves him even when the rams are getting beat bad Kupp get trash time points Edelman is going to get shut down by the bills D
  3. Mike Williams, Adam Thielen, and Washington is who i would play
  4. Pick 2 RB who would you play for the Championship. WHIR 100% Mike Boone, Marlon Mack, Miles Sanders
  5. Play Chubb he always does good playing the Ravens
  6. Jimmy G if Dallas can put up numbers on the Rams the 49ers can to
  7. Kupp Perriman Washington is who i would play
  8. Mack Lindsay i don't like white with buffalo
  9. This is for the Champion Ship in a money league. Can you pick 3 WRs and 2 RB I WHIR 100% Adam Thielen Mike Williams Michael Gallup Deebo Samuel Robby Anderson Miles Sanders Marlon Mack DeAndre Washington Mike Boone
  10. I would keep everything the same but add Mostert