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  1. Davonta Freeman fails to finish inside the top 15 running backs. (Freeman's numbers were boosted last year by Coleman being hurt). Davin Cook finishes as a top 7 RB and ahead of all rookie rb's (Cook has little competition and MIN likes to run the ball alot) Marshawn Lynch finishes outside the top 20 running backs (he has a lot of wear and tear for an older back coming out of retirement) Carson Wentz finishes as a top 5 QB (Blount is not going to run the ball, and their receivers are better than expected, watch Mack Hollins) Brady and Cam Newton finish outside the top 10 QB (Brady is old, Gronk would need to play a full season for any chance, Newton just takes a beating) Bryce Petty ends the season as the Jets QB (but he's still bad) Bruce Ellington catches has more than 60 receptions, and so will Trent Taylor David Njoku finishes as a top 5 TE Kendall Wright finishes as a top 10 WR
  2. With Will Fuller down, the Texans WR2 is in the air, Jaelen Strong is suspended a game (and can't seem to catch), Braxton Miller is intriguing (but inexperienced), Bruce Ellington saw a lot of targets in the preseason and caught everything thrown his way. Ellington will have an unexpected season.