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  1. I would take the Browns in Frozen Gridiron.
  2. I joined, just need the leaguesafe invite.
  3. I would be interested in taking a team as well. I have been in many salary cap deep dynasty leagues, After reading the CBA, the only thing that strikes me as a bit different than other salary cap leagues I have been in, is there doesn't seem to be contracts? I am still interested if I can grasp a salary cap league without contracts concept ,
  4. Yeah, I am leaning to decline it. If I just watched tapes of his play in the Redskins game I would jump on it, but each time I go back to his well below average metrics, I don't know if I can trust him long term.
  5. Just looked at his measurables comparing similar RB 1 candidates, and they are pretty bleh! 4.66 40yd dash time, and pretty terrible workout metrics: He must be making up for it with his elusiveness, vision and FB sense. Just don't know if he can be counted on to bear the load for a full season.
  6. My league is 32 tm 2x player IDP Dynasty. I am actually in the playoff hunt even tho I amassed 3 extra 1st rnd 2020 pics (4 total). With 2x players that is essentially 16 player copies drafted per round. I could use a bell cow RB next season, as my current RB roster looks like: Tevin Coleman Kenyan Drake Frank Gore Jaylen Samuels Dion Lewis Devontae Booker Brandon Bolden My 1st rnd pics project out to be virtual #'s 6, 10, 11 and 13. The a team offered Singletary for my 1st two pis Modified .5 for RB ppr scoring. I look at is as getting a likely RB1 next year and beyond instead of drafting a Dobbins/ E'ttiene/ Howard with my #6 and a Perrine/Vaughn/ Moss etc with my #10. (obviously those players are only a hypothetical example pre 2020 Combine) I still would have a likely #11 and 13 draft pic next year, as I also need WRs. (would give me a shot at Higgins/Reagor/ Jefferson etc., or I could take a crap shoot with a later RB draft pic there too. Thoughts? .
  7. sent an invite league.  16 team, draft picks & trades allowed up until Nov. 8  the team still has a shot at the playoffs

    1. sunrisesurprise


      free league   i give out a small trophy to the winner

  8. I would be down as well: