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  1. Williams 17 for 104 and a TD, 4 rec for 29 and a TD, not bad for the most hated player in RW history.
  2. Steelers have always been good against the run, but it looks like this year their pass rush is back to elite territory. Combine that with good DBs flying everywhere and you've got a set and forget fantasy D. Goff just has no time and there are no soft spots in a zone to check to.
  3. Nah that route was getting jumped no matter what.He read that like a book
  4. Hoodie looked like he mouthed '******** a**hole' in reference to whoever it was that jumped offside. Classic
  5. Glad to see him out there, making it through the whole game as well. Hopefully he didn't cost you your week. Can't wait until he's back up to full speed.
  6. Great TO by Oakland to force Patricia and Co to call the play instead of Stafford running something quick. Genius
  7. that was justice after those BS PI calls
  8. Why was that not a TD to Griffin? I had it on mute for a sec
  9. Kittle did the same exact thing the other night, so I guess it is legal!
  10. My entire life I've had no interest in the Bears for any reason, now I enjoy watching them lose more than anything, just because of Nagy.
  11. Have a feeling they were looking for Scary Terry deep on that play...backup CB was covering him one on one and I think Keenum noticed