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  1. Id pick up Carr, you will need him. Help me?
  2. Agree with Alshon and Howard. Help me?
  3. I think I drop Brown. Hard to drop Rawls until we see more of Seattle’s “new” backfield. Palmer has a lot of mouths to feed. Thanks for mine
  4. I think I start Brissett. Good matchup at home, great performance in similar situation v Cle. And agree with the above on why not leaning Tyrod Help me?
  5. Agree, Ingram, Kupp then Kelley help me?
  6. Tough one. I think I go Ellington but Gallman is prob as good a bet today. Help me?
  7. Howard and Powell with the good matchup. Help me?
  8. Alshon 100%. Help me?
  9. Standard scoring 1 WR and 1 Flex from: -TY Hilton v SF -Devante Parker v Ten -Demarco Murray @ Mia leave your link!
  10. Grab Murray, drop Crowell. He has done nothing and Duke looks better. Murray has a chance to pay off big. Help me?
  11. I'd go Miller and Duke JOhnson. Miller looks good in a Watson offense, and Johnson's snap trend and floor is very solid, even before you consider the great matchup. Help me?
  12. I agree, Mixon until we see how Martin looks. Help me?
  13. For me it's Jackson vs Gore. I might go Jackson for the upside. Betting NE can't fix that disaster secondary in 3 days, and if they do it will be to take away Evans. He could have a monster game. If you need floor, go Gore. Help me?