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  1. Anyway to make it a little later? I'm in either way but supposed to be working Thanks
  2. Assuming it fills tonight (11/12) I'll just email the league when the auction will open and the password. I think noon Saturday probably makes sense, everyone should be able to get on there between noon and midnight Saturday to start. That is how the other slow auctions I'm in handled the start.
  3. 8/12......... looking for a few more to get this going.
  4. Commish! Haha. Its all ESPN once the draft is over. I set the league as offline draft and manually enter the players just like my home league. If you check out couchmanagers you can look at the mock drafts and see how it works. Pretty easy interface IMO.
  5. Didnt see too many slow drafts this year so lets see if we can get one more going. $60 auction held on couchmanagers and then during the season league will be on ESPN. Money held through leaguesafe, majority approval payout. $60, everything standard ESPN PPR except for a couple roster changes, went with 1 superflex, 2 flex spots, 6 bench and 2 IR. Anyone who wants to join, league and leaguesafe link are below, as well as a slow auction description and cancellation plan. As soon as it fills up well get it going. Thanks Slow auctions are a blast! They're like the best of both worlds - auctions, so you're not stuck with a draft slot and can get any player you want, and slow, so you have plenty of time to think about bidding, and can chat and get to know the other owners during the auction. We use couchmanagers for the slow auction ( Feel free to go there and take a look at a few slow auctions that are in progress. Ours will be similar. They usually take 9 or 10 days to complete. 24 players up for auction at a time. 12 hours to bid. Virus plan: * Full refunds if season is cancelled with less than 9 weeks played * Prizes based on standings at cancellation time if 9+ weeks played, but season not completed * Additional I/R slots ESPN: Leaguesafe:
  6. any spots left ill pay right away thanks
  7. Gonna be tough to fill but im down