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  1. I couldn't believe Gordon fell that far. To get to combo him with Hopkins was great for that team. My team is actually C and I was just thinking I have too much stock in the Bears. Ideally I can flip Robinson for a similar tiered WR or package a little depth to upgrade a touch.
  2. I agree with staying where you are unless you really like the player you are getting back. I'd feel ok with Fournette and Ajayi. You already have Breida to soften the blow. Plus it's full PPR, you'd be pretty thin at WR if you gave up one of your top 3. OBJ and Fitz is a good combo.
  3. ESPN 12 team league with 0.5 ppr, 6pt passing td's, and -4pt interceptions Rank 'em, pick your favorites/worst, whatever feels right: Imgur Draft Link
  4. Team A Receives: Royce Freeman, Alshon Jeffrey Team B Receives: Amari Cooper, Gio Bernard 0.5 ppr Which team do you prefer?
  5. Ya I like the idea of pairing Brown and OBJ, especially if I hang onto Adams. My advantage at WR would be huge. But I can't see a way of having even enough to just stay afloat in the RB category if I pulled the trigger. If I threw a 1st round pick in and could get Guice in return would you go for it? Otherwise maybe I can swing a draft pick a lower tier player for a RB2. I don't really know how to value picks as of now. I'm not sure I'm as high on them as existing talent.
  6. 12 Team 0.5 PPR otherwise standard 4pt passing td scoring (1qb, 2 rb, 2 wr, 1 te, 2 flx + 14 bench and 2 ir spots) I give: A Cooper, S Michel I get: A Brown Question: Does this leave me too thin at RB to compete? Giving up some core youth. Team: QB: Watson-Hou, Prescott-Dal, Allen-Buf RB: Michel-NE, Coleman-Atl, Clement-Phi, Bernard-Cin, Ballage-Mia, D. Murray-FA, Perine-Was, Conner-Pit, Abdullah-Det WR: OBJ-NYG, Adams-GB, Cooper-Oak, Cooks-LAR, Sutton-Den, Moncrief-Jax, Cole-Jax TE: Henry-LAC (IR), Howard-TB, Hooper-Atl
  7. Hey all, Active fantasy football player looking to break into the dynasty world. Preferably looking to join a startup league. League Type: Prefer 0.5 to Full PPR Single QB I can do without K or DST, but not opposed If startup, splitting rookie and initial draft sounds optimal Prefer FAAB No IDP Single roster (moderate team size, super deep league may be too much) Prefer a buy-in less than $50. Let me know if anyone is looking for members, thanks!
  8. 12 Team, Full PPR Trade 1: Receive: D. Martin Traded: T. Coleman * Traded Coleman to the Freeman owner. Got him in the 8th round and while I like that he can be started without a Freeman injury I have a fairly deep RB team and am buying into Martin's potential when he returns. If Martin performs, he has RB1 upside with no threats. Coleman is too boom bust w/ Freeman ahead of him, but has guaranteed RB1 potential if Freeman's out. I'd rather swing for the fence on Martin with my composition than wait for a Freeman injury which isn't fun. Trade 2: Receive: T. Hill Traded: J. Mixon * WR went fast and for a premium (I got Allen at the end of the third as the WR20 w/ A. Robinson as the next highest per fantasypros left on the board). I stuck with the value picks and tiers. Ended up being a little too thin at WR. But I got Mixon at the start of the 6th followed by Abdullah (who looks locked into the Lions workhorse role) and Martin (trade) who are both solid RB3's in my opinion making Mixon and his upside expendable. Happily sent him to a RB thin team for Tyreek who I am high on and unloaded Mixon who's question marks are too big for a team without a solid 3 WR.
  9. High ceiling, high risk but distributed over the line-up. Miller will have volume, TD opportunity is ? for him. I like Howard, his interior line and how he works with them is very good. Having Graham is probably necessary with the risk of Reed, but would always like to see a higher upside WR when there is a second Flx spot. However, when Reed plays he is a difference maker/matchup winner. Edelman has some big boom bust potential with all the targets in NE. I like Pryor and his skill set. Hill has the opportunity, but you need Alex Smith to prove he can produce a true WR1 for that to pay off. I don't know auction well enough to know how your value turned out, but I tend to like spending on true studs and trying to clean up with the cheaper serviceable guys. Without much auction background I'd rate your team a B (B- to B+ depending on how an expert would rate the value). I think you'll have weeks where you blow teams out of the water and some where you get almost nothing between Miller-Edelman-Hill-Reed(injury) w/ more times than not landing on the winning side.
  10. This is a 12 team redraft league. Full 1 point PPR with 6pt Passing TD's and -4 for interceptions. This results in an average score for a QB to be similar to 4pt Passing TD's except that your elite QB's avg more and the subpar/streamers tend to score less. As for the draft, WR were far more popular than I expected with the biggest run coming in the 3rd round which created far more WR scarcity and some fairly big early-mid RB's fall. I ended up going Murray-Howard at the turn (was hoping Jordy or Green would drop) with the intention of taking a combo of Pryor - Allen - Fitzgerald - D Thomas - Crabtree at the 3/4 turn. I ended up only having Allen available and pivoted to Rodgers who picks up some value with our QB scoring system. Take a look, give some thoughts (12th Spot) Draft Board - Imgur