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  1. Do we get to pick which conference from what is left. I would like to be the Big Ten.
  2. In League 1 my brother and I would be interested. I can take team 2 with Luck and my email is jrgary1218@gmail.com My brother would take team 3 with Darius Leonard and his email is spgary18@hotmail.com We are both big Colts fans.
  3. The draft time in the settings is different than in this listing? Also are you set on only keeping 1 player for dynasty?
  4. My brother and I are looking for a dynasty league to join. If that's ok with you. Me name is Dennis, email is jrgary1218@gmail.com, my brothers name is Spencer, email is spgary18@hotmail.com. I will take team with Rodgers.
  5. I'm interested. Could also tell my brother if you want. Let me know. My email is jrgary@hotmail.com
  6. If you still need 2 my brother and I would be interested. My name is Dennis and my e-mail is jrgary@hotmail.com My brothers name is Spencer and his email is spgary18@hotmail.com
  7. Hey Kenny this is Dennis from The League that you run. I am looking for 1 more league just like this. My email is jrgary@hotmail.com
  8. Can I ask Why? What is the point of posting u need 2 if you're not interested.
  9. My brother and I would play My email is jrgary@hotmail.com I will text him