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  1. Yes, absolutely a worry. Strong shooting propped up his value this game but if he's playing 27ish minutes while coming off the bench, that is about 75% of his season average; so I expect he has about 75% of his previous value for the remainder of the season. Not great. The Kings are so bad that I do not think there is a usage boost due to coming off the bench either.
  2. This slow return is exactly what I feared in previous pages of this thread. The Jazz are simply playing well without his usage so he's just trying to fit in without disrupting, I guess. It still wouldn't surprise me if he comes on strong towards the last end of the season, but it is difficult to hold through the nothingness right now.
  3. His last 3 seasons are .73, .80, .75 so this is in range. Has anyone seen reports of him as full participant in practice? I know days off for practice are rare during the season but just curious. The 29th is approaching.
  4. OK, thanks for sharing that. But I would like to point out that the article you shared is also purely speculation by a different random columnist name Sarah Todd. Who has been a beat writer for the Jazz for all of 8 games, (this is discussed in this very article.) Neither of them have credibility they are just opinions. It would be good to get some insight from the team if its out there. I haven't seen anything.
  5. I see what you are saying but that is asking a lot. There are only 15 eligible players in the league averaging 16/4/6 and none of them come off the bench; all play at least 30 min.
  6. Not really, although the article suggests they could. My original comment was just to question if, upon his return, his role will be what we imagined heading into the season, given that they are playing so well without him. Someone else commented that he is paid too much to come off the bench, and I presented counter-evidence that player contracts do not always correlate with role on the team. In the end, I am cautiously optimistic that he will return to full form but I sure wouldn't bet on it. I think there is a decent chance he plays minutes in the low 20s and finds great success running the second unit. A trade is unlikely IMO, but I hadn't really even considered it.
  7. From CBS Sports Mid Season Grades Article: https://www.cbssports.com/nba/news/nba-midseason-grades-lakers-bucks-have-surprise-company-among-teams-with-highest-marks/ Glad to see I am not the only one with this thought process. We'll see what happens.
  8. this league counts double Dames worst category and Vuc's best category, haha
  9. They can try and they are trying. Just recently on the broadcast a graphic was shown urging fans to vote Bagley into the All-Star game. He has played in all of 10 games this season. No mention of Holmes in the all-star push. It's embarrassing. My point is that the coaching staff is clearly under direct order from management to showcase Bagley, so he is going to be getting a lot of PT (deserved or not) in the tail end of the season, provided he stays healthy. That may end up hurting Richaun. Still, if he manages 24-ish minutes per game off the bench, Richaun can be very valuable. Just probably not early round value like he was before, as Eltoro said three posts ago.
  10. I disagree, and this is coming from someone holding onto Richaun. The Kings are desperately trying to show (to themselves and everyone) that Bagley is a star, to take away the hurt of seeing Luka dominating the league, and to save face for the front office. Yesterday they experimented Bagley at the 5 (he guarded Vuc at times) and there is a chance they try to play him there along side Bjelica, as someone mentioned above. The Holmes/Bagley pairing currently does not provide the spacing that Bagley/Bjelica does. So the concern is real. Eventually Bagley will start - the question is will it be at the expense of Holmes starting, or at the expense of the offensive spacing?
  11. His poor fg% is undoubtedly resulting from a much poorer overall Kings offense. This is due to multiple factors. For one, Coach Walton is having them play at a much slower pace, where Buddy thrived last year in transition getting open looks. Now they are somewhere near last in the league pace. And in the half court, Buddy (and Bogi) have been asked by Walton, presumably, to create shots for themselves and others, where that is clearly not Buddy's strength. Way too many possessions are just buddy dribbling for 10 seconds before taking a contested shot. Think if Klay didn't have Steph, Draymond or KD to create his looks and instead had to get his own threes off the dribble. Now some of that offensive scheme is due to Fox being out for parts of the season, and general lack of playmakers on the Kings, but I put more blame on Walton. And of course, Buddy has missed some relatively good looks that I think he wishes he could have back but that's just variance. tldr, IMO this is about the FG% I expect from Buddy unless Walton is gone or changes his scheme, with a chance for slight increase.
  12. Yes, I did, and so did you just now. I also literally wrote in my reply that this comparison was "to show you that contracts don't always directly correlate with role on the team." Anyway, I'm not sure if Conley will start for the Jazz again this year but I'd put it at about 50% chance, personally. Might be wrong. If you'd like to have a meaningful discussion I am here for it.
  13. I see people often use this argument but it's not true. That contract, as far as this season goes, is more or less a sunk cost (outside of a trade). If they think their best chances to win are to bring him off the bench, they will do that, if they are smart (which Utah is). As an example take a look at Dewayne Dedmon. They brought him in for $13.3M per year to be the starter and he is not only riding the pine but has been inactive for several of the past games. Not to say this will be the case with Conley, he will definitely play, but just to show you that contracts don't always directly correlate with role on the team. I am curious what resident Jazz expert @StifleTower2 thinks will happen with Conley once he's back.