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  1. Nagy is as much an offensive mind as Gase. Sheesh.
  2. Depends. If I have players on KC and my D is going against KC - I look elsewhere. I'd I have Crowder and my D is going against the Jets - I start my D and Crowder. Avoid tough matchups - always play the easy ones. The middle of the road ones are tougher and that's when I start weighing weather, home v away, whose out on your D/opposing teams O. Some probably might think I'm looking way into what a lot of people consider a position as random as the kicker - but it seems to work for me.
  3. Terrible comparison. Robinson has shown to be shifty and actually catches passes.
  4. Only way you'll see Tytrash back is a Herbert injury. He's looking like the future right now. Just gotta hope him and Henry eventually start clicking. Hard to start right now, though.
  5. Should have known when PisEdiRin started touting this guy he was doomed to fail. Dude is starting to cost weeks because he can't hold onto the damn football. Looks like a rookie as of late.
  6. Scam has never been good throwing the ball. He was always, always overthrowing 6'8 receivers in Carolina.
  7. This guy reminds me of Jay Ajayi. Everyone got excited based off one fluke season and the dude is just poopoo.
  8. Henry didn't deserve a TD. Dude looks so trash. Without gaping holes he's just pedestrian.
  9. I hear ya. Random injuries just stacking up this week.
  10. I can suffer a very lousy bout of fellatio. Was it bad? Yes. Did I probably still enjoy it? Yes.
  11. Anyone else not miss this guy? Just watching one of his temper tantrums from when Ben didn't throw him the ball. Dudes an a**hole and doesn't deserve another chance. Avoiding at all costs. Wreaks of him playing 1 game and being gone ahead. Gonna be similar to Josh Gordon where everyone hypes it up and he just barely does anything.
  12. Could this guy be an OBJ rookie season type player, coming out of nowhere? Didn't even know he was on Detroit last year. Or is this just a situation of him being in the right place because there is legitimately nobody else to throw to.