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  1. Some mental gymnastics to blame a QB's poor performance on the opposing teams running back. Jackson can't throw - get over it. He benefited from teams trying to stop the run, so he got easy passes on his 20 passes per game. Dudes still just a glorified running back. Happy to see him lose.
  2. Funny what happens when he has to throw more than 12 times in a game.
  3. I guess I just take the Rotoworld hype threads too seriously. Every TE is the next Gronk
  4. I feel like we say this every year... Oh yeah, I really hope the Titans win.
  5. Gurley is too high. But otherwise I'd agree with these rankings.
  6. Fantasy is random, nothing is guaranteed, quarterbacks are getting lousier, receivers can't be trusted. Signed, Kamara, Mahomes owner.
  7. I don't think anyone is discounting Fuller making Watson better. Of course a good receiver is good for a QB. People are laughing at the guy saying Fuller is better than Hopkins.
  8. Y'all commenting on something said 9 days ago, meanwhile I'm sitting here interested in how much Watson gonna eat up this Bucs pass D.
  9. Can we please talk about the defense and not about this stupid controversy. Who really cares anymore? And no, I'm not a Pats fan. Why is this talk allowed - it isn't fantasy relevant.
  10. Volatility on touchdowns is scary because they're hard to come by. He doesn't get the yardage to comfortability score you 10-15 in non-PPR. I think he's a DND for me next year unless he's in the late 2nd-3rd.
  11. The fact CMC is not up there with LJ is sad.