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  1. I'll check it out..
  2. Can't see, need to make it viewable to public
  3. Do we have to take one of those teams ? Can we choose a different team that isn't listed ? If I can choose a different team I'll join
  4. OK... I figured on the first part but wasn't sure how you handled the second part of that...Still interested in the Mavericks , but would take either team.. Daryl
  5. How do you know who the pre 7th round keepers are ? Some of them are obvious but ... Plus what about the next year ? Say those 3 that you kept from 7 or later become stars that start getting drafted earlier in ESPN drafts, do you lose them unless you count them as one of the 2 keepers from the early rounds ? I'd be interested in taking one of the teams.. probably prefer the Mavericks.... I've been playing FBB for about 10 years.. have won or finished in the middle most of the time with very few really bad years... I don't work so I have the time to be pretty active ...