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  1. Sitting in favor of Tyler Boyd, Devante Parker, Marvin Jones
  2. Sitting Gallup in favor of Kupp, Keenan, Golladay, and Singletary
  3. I'm in 3 fantasy football leagues this year: 12 Team Auction, .5 PPR, $65 entry 10-3 (1st), 1st rd BYE in playoffs 12 Team Snake, .5 PPR, Fun League 9-4 (2nd) Locked playoffs, which start Week 15 14 Team Keeper, PPR, $30 entry 9-4 (1st) No playoff byes in this league 🔥 🔥 🔥
  4. Same. If he can just give me 8-12 points, I'll be happy.
  5. He has one of the best playoff schedules, I would consider Parker a set and forget WR1 for the next 3 weeks.
  6. Fine for a stash, but you'd have to be desperate to start
  7. [...] Wouldn't be surprised if he led the backfield in scrimmage yards and finished with around 14/55/1 on the ground and 5/45 in the air
  8. Fantasy Data -- QB12 Fantasy Pros -- QB14 My Fantasy League -- QB14 And as I've stated before, his ADP was around the 9th round in 12 team leagues around end of August. He was drafted in 95% of leagues and in any legitimate competitive league he most certainly would have been drafted in the 8th-10th rounds.
  9. 19 carries, 45 yards. 5 catches, 39 yards. Maybe he'll stick a TD, but it'll be tough.
  10. It's Chicago, so I don't think that's gonna happen
  11. Oct 4th I traded away Cooper Kupp and Marvin Jones Jr for Dalvin Cook and Demarcus Robinson Since Week 5, Kupp and Jones have had a total of 159.5 Cook by himself has had 160.8
  12. As I said, if Lamar was not drafted in your league, you are in a joke league
  13. To those saying Lamar Jackson If Lamar Jackson wasn't drafted in your league, it's frankly just not a competitive league. He was a known commodity with a 9th round ADP. Even in the smaller 8 or 10 man leagues, he almost certainly should have been drafted at some point.
  14. if you're headed to the playoffs and your lineup is pretty set, you should 100% be cuffing your stud RB's if you have the bench space
  15. When he came out blazing with great passing in week 1, it felt like that scene in Happy Gilmore when he sinks the long putt on the green... "Happy learned how to putt... Uh oh!" "Lamar learned how to pass... Uh oh" and he can still get better! 🤤