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  1. This team has the 9th pick in the rookie draft. Once I can get a owner joined and paid we will do the draft.
  2. Hmmm. Not sure why it didnt work. Try this and see if it works
  3. Looking for one owner to take over a orphan team in our 2nd year. This is a 20 team league, Head to Head Points, with 15 man rosters so if you enjoy deep leagues and watching players grow, this is your league. There is a $15 buy in on LeagueSafe. We are waiting for one more owner to join so we can do our one round rookie draft. We also have a Facebook group chat that everyone is in so if you join, please be willing to join the Facebook group. If you are interested leave me a message with your email so I can send a invite and pay request for LeagueSafe. I will leave a link to the open team so you can look at it. Salt Lake Owls
  4. I'm interested and would want the Dallas Cowboys. I sent you a email.
  5. Are you still interested in joining a fantasy basketball league? If so email me at