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  1. I came in here for this take, except for the playoff part.
  2. Thanks, I've got Winston and I just wish he didn't have that fracture.
  3. Trusting him in the playoffs? His schedule is nice, even against minny
  4. Week 16 bid with the Panthers, that's money
  5. The opportunity is there, but the shooting splits are ugly so far this season. Sitting at .409/.803/.356 with low stocks lately.
  6. Put an absolute dagger in the game that just ended. Having holiday facilitate helps a lot.
  7. Him and nuk basically boost each other. Defenses have to pick their poison!
  8. Fuller stash sooo worth it. He'll definitely get plenty of looks against NE and Denver. That playoff schedule is cash.
  9. It was great having to face LJax, Andrews and ingram today...
  10. Sorry for the late response, but I like d. Mont. Even with kwon out, dunno if Carson can really get things going on Monday.
  11. That's strange, I pretty much IRed him right away after he was marked O. Hope that gets fixed for you.
  12. I've never used before, that sucks. As of right now, Yahoo finally tagged him as Out.
  13. Yahoo still hasn't tagged him with an O tag?
  14. Close to dropping in ppr, anyone else with the same thoughts? [...]