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  1. im not too concerned with TE thinking Graham Olsen or Andrews in the 15th. if he sux I drop … He has bounce back written all over him
  2. if he has no slip ups with no gronk I think its higher.. kinda what cooks did with the pats lil more yards couple more tds.. Its also fun to own him.
  3. wish I drafted a few weeks ago when he could have been had in the double digit rnds now I gotta make decisions …
  4. I know but we are talking about Josh Freakin Gordon over here!!!!!!
  5. not sure that will be possible I\m drafting 4 rbs then hopefully kupp than Gordon or Williams. if kupps gone than I try to draft both
  6. Im going after D Montgomery and am a little down on Cohen. Coach even said he was overworked last yr
  7. I'm a huge Gordon guy but am contemplating Mike Williams over him if he's there .. I know that's blasphemy around here what would you guys do Williams or Gordon?
  8. 500 buy in is baller I do a 200 with my pals,, time for us to step it up
  9. lockett in the 6th and Ingram in the 5th is unheard of. DO you play against children?
  10. Drafting 8th in a 10 teamer and I am implementing the ZERO WR strategy, wish me luck. I'm hoping to get CHubb/Bell Rnd 1 Mixon/cook rnd 2 Montgomery/Jacobs rnd 3 and Sony/Ingram rnd 4 … after that ill scarf up some wrs
  11. also looking for a start up league. preferably standard or .5 ppr im open to anything but prefer one flex spot, special teams/d but no independent defensive players.
  12. I've never played in either type of league. would like to get in on the ground floor.
  13. Thanks for the directions bud.. i'd prefer to join a new league .. so that i can draft my team and have ownership from the start good or bad / learn the ropes and all that