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  1. I normally wait and stack wr2 upside at that point too i dont value wr1 all that much and never draft em. I go heavy rb. Im either gonna take a qb around rnd 6 like Murray tier or wait and take a shot in the dark with Newton or Burrows. All or nothing kinda with a stacked line up and if that fails play the wire which ive never done. 2nd tier qb seems the safest play
  2. Where do you think he ends up ranking wise with other qbs? I think in general people think he will be LJAX Mahomes tier and i don't see it R.W Dak and Watson imo are still better options and im not a dak fan
  3. Id take him after kamara as he's in a contract yr, after Henry as well. Cook chubb CEH mixon Jacobs all follow. I havent fully nailed down the order. Standard scoring. The fact Mahomes wanted KC to draft him and Andy Reid has made Westbrook comparisons makes me want to draft him above cooks out of those guys and Im a CHUBB truther!
  4. You either take the plunge early or someone else will at this point. I drafted Barkley 7th his rookie yr so im not averse to drafting rookies early. With fresh memories of Hunts rookie season in KC and my league chatter over Williams sitting out this yr he's gonna go maybe 4th and 100% some where between 6-10. I'd take him at the 10-11 turn but doubt he makes it to me. Everyone wants him.
  5. On FFC hes going from 8 to 12 in a standard 10 person mock.. i get the lack of enthusiasm but if going RB at this point, no one in this range unless CEH is available really gets me excited to draft. His late season usage and new QB are positives... being on Cincy is a major negative their o line is trash. Would you rather Jacobs or Drake? They all seem 2nd rate to me when comparing with the top tier. His adp seems the same to me as last yr and i felt the same way.
  6. Standard scoring? Who do you have before/after him?
  7. In the league i'm in he is 100% going in the 1st round. Anywhere from 4 to i would say 8. They pretty much went nuts when the news broke
  8. Self righteousness about political views is reddit tier. Please keep it about football.
  9. The Redskins will remain mediocre regardless of their name.... pc cancel culture is the worst.
  10. Right on, I just started looking into Mims. We only do 15 rnds this yr 16 with covid so i might not have to go that deep.
  11. I'll look into it. Are you on Board with Burrows YR 1?
  12. Im glad i got you to lol.. Its just a opinion, I guess im just not a Freeman fan he seems to always get hurt and in the past few yrs was overvalued because of his past success. If he was still valuable (good) why would ATL cut him for a RB with known knee problems? just seems odd.
  13. I wont be reaching, I doubt i take him. Interested in who you grabbed instead though.