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  1. ok, i pretty much nailed this, save for the Graham TD - plz to PM with payment details 😀
  2. Hendooooo really looks good - lotta burst and energy ... like what i see.
  3. Hendooo got some pop thus far - Rams get a reprieve on the hold
  4. the dulcet tones of one Steve Levy stir something else in me 🚽 🤢
  5. this. you have to be able to consistently strike through the air vs Stillers ... nothing i've seen from LJax convinces me Harbags can execute that kinda gameplan, even with two weeks to prepare. tough spot.
  6. don't shoot the messenger, mange! bottom line is Hasty has one less roadblock ... Mr.Wilson was a real menace out there.
  7. i dig the over juice i'm getting (-105). if it were in Chicago i'd lean the other way, but probably lay off. howzabout 24-21, either way?