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  1. THIS ^ Tennyhilz has only chucked a scant twenty nine passes over the past two games ... ergo, KING HENDRY'S target share is a robust enough 10%. when couched in that context it puts a whole new paint job on things, amirite? 🤔
  2. Higbeeeee gotta get some late season love here, no? weeks 13-16, with the chedduh up for grabs: 100+ yds each of those games.
  3. ok, FWIW ... just ascertained that Perri will most likely draw 35 yr old CB Joseph for most of the game. it certainly ain't hurting his prospects 🤔
  4. CHEERS, MAH MAN! ✌🥃 great story, i hope for similar - let's bring it HOME!
  5. going against my best instincts here ... that f'n box of rain the shims at CBS portended looks nil - i hate to chase pernts, and going to the funeral even though i bagged off the wedding, but, after mulling like a damn foo' ... IN. plan on being totally boozed up by halftime at a client's Christmas party, there will be no TVs at the affair - so i'll be oblivious lest i keep pounding stat tracker or i slip out to the lounge area and rub elbows with the barflies i'll gladly sacrifice the worst whiskey hangover of my life for a 20+ spot from this kid. 🥃 🎅 🥃 gl to all up in here - it's 'chip time, fellas ... let's get sum today ✌
  6. looks like only 'Reek and Waller will definitely be in the lineup, so 2 outta 16 drafted, as of now. as far as the whole roster: 6 outta 16.
  7. Byron "Kris" Pringle ... chipped in 22 pernts in week 5 (6/103/1), has exactly ten pernts in all other weeks combined.
  8. maybe Vegas sees Callahan chewing clock wif AP, and the Jints leaning more on Barkley ... divisional games can be close to the vest 🤷‍♂️ only way i can see the justification for that low o/u #
  9. welp, here come the dreaded kiss of death "overhyped" jinx ... fantasyPros have him listed as one of their eleven "A" starts at RB this week (pending Cook/Matti sitting, natch). they rate 'em: CMC Carson Zeke Mixon Saquads Boone 4nette Mack AK Freeman KING HENDRY!!1!!!11! 🎳
  10. all fair points, no doubt ... i'm not as high on the kid as most, but it is a smash spot for this passing game ... lest Crabby is hurt more than they'te letting on, i can't envision a scenario where we don't see 40+ chucks, with at least a few deep shots to this fella. a very polarizing cat this week, and one who is gonna tilt many a 'chip, in either direction, come 4 p.m. tmrw.
  11. interesting nugget i just happened across ... kid is averaging 17+ air yds per target over the last month, highest of all qualifying WRs - leeg avg over that period is 8.2 🤔
  12. ... first i'm hearing of this 🤷‍♂️ 🤠