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  1. 12 team .5 ppr drafted roster qb: rivers wr: devante Adams, juju, Josh Gordon, Larry fitz, Marvin Jones jr rb: Aaron jones, Chris Carson, Mark Ingram, ekeler, Coleman, Royce freeman, te: Eric Ebron Def: patriots kicker: didn’t draft through trades and waiver wire championship roster qb: mahomes, Winston rb: Carson, zeke, Adrian Peterson wr: devante Adams, Julio Jones, dj Moore, Tyler Lockett, aj brown, Perriman, slayton te: ertz def: patriots k: gay
  2. 12 team .5 ppr won championship with this lineup Qb: mahomes rb: Carson, zeke wr: Julio Jones, devante Adams te: ertz flex: aj brown def: patriots k: gay bench: dj Moore, Tyler Lockett, Adrian Peterson, Winston, Perriman
  3. I would go Lindsay at flex if those are really your best options at wr I guess Conley since I think they will throw the ball more
  4. I would go brown for the upside to try and help cover for Hopkins dud help
  5. I’d go fournette jones and drake who should all get volume and passes help
  6. All good options Howard inactive I would roll with sanders for sure. if any kind of ppr I would go with jones if non ppr I would go with Mack
  7. Yep if there are players playing that can improve your chances of winning even if it is a kicker or defense you drop the inactive player for the active player of it is the last game of the year and it is a redraft league. help
  8. Tannehill with Henry out tanehill May also run the ball more himself help
  9. Just need one to play? assuming mattison and cook are out Boone boyd washington gallup help
  10. If mattison doesn’t play Boone washington lewis if mattison does play Washington lewis boone help