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  1. Is this sarcasm or a rumor? Im thinking of trading for Thomas.
  2. Thanks my rbs are Zeke, Robinson, Antonio Gibson, Dandre Swift, Phillip Lindsay, myles gaskin. I have depth and I could try and trade for other rbs.
  3. wish you were in my league Keep jacobs could probably trade him for a solid wr2 at the very least Help
  4. you win this trade cant play all your wrs and you get an elite wr in return to play with Julio and brown Help
  5. No Problem Thanks If he declines Gibson and Lindsay would you do Gibson and Diontae Johnson for josh jacobs?
  6. Brown for consistency, Lockett for ceiling. Seahwaks defense sucks and Wilson is the qb though so I would keep Lockett overall. Help
  7. Yes I would do this trade and get Julio and like you said you can flip another wr for a better rb after Help
  8. Both have good ROS can you get a wr back with chubb or sander for trading zeke? If you can try to get a wr like robby Anderson or crowder with chubb or sanders I would like the trade better. Than you can trade some of your wrs for another rb. Help
  9. Thanks do you like jacobs or Carson better for the trade?
  10. I would probably trade robinson for zeke and than try to trade zeke since you can probably get more for zeke than robinson Help
  11. Will Fuller (if he can stay healthy) Target Monster Texans will likely be in shoot out games Diontae Johnson (if he can stay healthy ) Target Monster Stefan Diggs ( Bills seem to be coming back to reality on offense lately) Help
  12. Conner if he stays healthy Zeke Mixon Robinson Taylor Help
  13. Yes I would do this trade Jrob Jacobs and Hunt should be a solid duo and you get a upgrade at qb and te I say do this trade Help
  14. 10 team .5 ppr standard scoring record 6-1 My team QB: Kyler Murray RB: Zeke, James Robinson, Antonio Gibson, Jamall williams, Gio Bernard, Phillip Lindsay, Dandre Swift, Myles Gaskin WR: Davantae Adams, Kenny Galloday, Antonio Brown, Diontae Jonson, Allen Robinson TE: Kelce Thoughts on the following trades Trade 1: Trade: Antonio Gibson and Lindsay Receive: Josh Jacobs or Chris Carson Trade 2: Trade: Philip Lindsay Diontae Johnson and Antonio Gibson Recieve: Nick Chubb and Jamison Crowder or Devante Parker Trade 3: Trade: Diontae Johnson and Antonio Gibson Recieve: Calvin Ridley Trade 4: Trade: Diontae Johnson and Antonio Gibson Recieve: Michael Thomas