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  1. Big Ben for sure, could be a shootout. Help with mine please:
  2. Baldwin in what should be a shootout game! Help with mine please:
  3. If you are looking for upside Golladay is he play. He will be shadowed by X Rhodes but is the most talented of this bunch. If you need a safe floor go with A Rob - with Gurley playing you can't trust CJA or Kelly. Good luck! Help with mine:
  4. Watson now that Nuk is confirmed playing. http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/738761-rb-help-pick-2-dj-michel-cja-mccoy-p-barber/
  5. Hot off press: Gurley is expected to play and you gotta start him if he does:
  6. Start Mayfield with confidence, he is playing a ton better with Chubb thriving in run game.
  7. Since you are looking for upside I would say Golladay is the play, good luck! Help with mine:
  8. D Williams in what maybe a shootout game! Help with mine:
  9. I like McGuire over Williams since Rodgere is playing and I suspect this will impact Williams touches. I would pickup Indy D at home in a must win game. Good luck! Help with mine:
  10. Cook against a broken lions where Vikings may take a lead. please help with mine:
  11. +1 on Anderson, can’t trust the other 2. help with mine please:
  12. Play Alston and McGuire, Lockett isn’t Baldwin and the upside is limited,