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  1. Your team is great imo. I have also never played in an 8 but I would imagine that you need to have top end talent to compete and you have that everywhere. The only thing I wonder about is your flex position. Maybe it could be a little stronger in an 8 teamer?
  2. Yes 12 teams two keepers. I could definitely do a package deal which I might consider. I’d have to look around the league again to see who is lacking a quality set of keepers. I am kind of hoping though that all of the teams who pick ahead of me in round one keep players there. That would allow me the best case scenario of Zeke/Jacobs/Brown
  3. I have a decision to make here between five players as to who I should keep for our upcoming draft in the late summer. I will attach round values to each player to help with a decision. I am struggling a bit to decide which two to go with, but I think I am leaning in a certain direction and would like some input from everyone here. Odell Beckham - Rd. 1 Ezekiel Elliott - Rd. 2 Leonard Fournette - Rd. 3 Josh Jacobs - Rd. 5 AJ Brown - Rd. 16 I am very tempted to keep Jacobs and Brown, but I feel like I have to keep Zeke, right? What I would love to see happen would be for the 7 teams drafting ahead of me to keep their 1st rd. value players which would allow me to throw back Zeke and grab him at my pick. Don't know how realistic that is, though...
  4. If Super Bowl performance is any indication maybe we should say that the NFC West is the weakest
  5. He doesn’t play in the NFC East
  6. Getting CMac and Saquon would be pretty sweet but if you could grab Thomas at 3 that’s almost better as you get the top guy at two crucial positions. But Barkley is pretty sweet too
  7. Which would you rather own in a 16 team 0.5 PPR: Courtland Sutton or DJ Chark + Hayden Hurst Thank you!!!
  8. Just looking for some more input on this. I received an offer with both players involved
  9. Offered the following. 16 team 0.5 PPR: Trade: Allen Robinson, AJ Dillon, 2021 1st Rd rookie selection Receive: Michael Gallup, David Johnson, 2021 3rd Rd rookie selection My reservations are that Johnson is so up in the air right now and the 1st next year is not actually my own but rather an owner who is playing for beyond 2021 and rebuilding so projects to be fairly high.
  10. Michael Thomas Mikes Sanders Kyler Murray other best options are Hollywood Brown, TY Hilton, Adam Thielen and Tyler Boyd
  11. 16 team 0.5 PPR We are into rd. 4. Looking to add another WR and have it down to Allen Robinson and Michael Gallup. Any preferences?
  12. All we know about Stidham is: He was an elite recruit out of high school Had a great 2017 then the purge of talent hit Auburn in the NFL Draft and he was not great at all in 2018 He was great in preseason There were reports in-season that he was performing great and making unbelievable plays against the Pats' 1s on defense Nothing would surprise me. It seems like the coaches love him. Just looking at the schedule I could seem him leading the team to 9-7/10-6ish but a few of those potential wins could easily be losses