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  1. I currently have Jacob Hollister vs CAR. I also have Gerald Everett vs DAL. Currently I could grab OJ Howard vs DET or Dallas Goedert vs WAS. Which would you start week 15? Hollister is going to be my start for week 16 if I make it past this week. Hollister vs CAR Everett vs DAL Howard vs DET Goedert vs WAS
  2. Peterson and Fitz. thanks for the help on mine.
  3. Since one of them is the defense, I think you are fine starting all of them. I don't think I would want to start 3 offensive players from the same team.
  4. I would go Rodgers pretty easily. Baker would be my #2 choice. The rest you are gambling on a good game.
  5. I would go Allen and Tucker. Kupp is in a weird spot this week because he was in on only 29% of snaps this last week if I remember correctly.
  6. I currently have KC against DEN. But SEA was dropped last night and they are playing CAR. Which would you rather have this week? KC vs DEN SEA vs CAR What about week 16? KC vs CHI SEA vs ARI
  7. I would be looking at Kirk. Otherwise you look pretty good.
  8. I have Josh Gordon, I picked him up just to see what happens. It looks like Lockett is going to be OK. I am considering dropping him for either Jacob Hollister or Mecole Hardman. What are your thoughts?
  9. DJ and Ware I think is safer, but Cohen if you want upside.
  10. Matt Ryan vs ARI Mitch Trubisky vs GB Jameis Winston vs BAL On Waivers: Dak Prescott vs IND Derek Car vs CIN I was planning on playing Ryan, but ARI gives up the 3rd fewest points to QB. I am not going to play Winston vs BAL. That leaves Trubisky or grab someone off waivers. Or I could just stick with my original play of playing Ryan.
  11. I would go Brate, actually that is what I am planning on doing as a Howard owner myself.
  12. That's an easy yes, but Woods is on bye this week, so no help this week.
  13. I am just worried I lose my WR depth. I would be relying on MSV to fill in if Allen or Beckham gets hurt.