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  1. W-QS R. Lopez vs Cubs or T. Roark vs BAL thanks !
  2. He’s a top 5 FOR SURE even if he would hurt himself tomorrow and miss the remainder of the season.
  3. JoRam, Lindor, Jimenez, Robert & Gallen.
  4. 1)McCul 2) Gonso 3) Garcia Garcia could pass Gonso but he only Pitched one game. Sample in the majors is too small. Gonso is the safer bet for now.
  5. With Clevinger now, doesn’t look good for him this year.. 🙁
  6. Watched the game too and the kid is legit. Might for sure have some command/control issues sometimes. Got lucky a bit on some pitch today but sometimes you create your own luck too. Also, kid is just 22 yo !! His composure looks on point and that’s a big asset !