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  1. It is as Wyzzil said the draft is 5 phases. (First Top 8 QB prospects are shared out.) Then it is skill positions (QB, WR, RB, TE) with 8 rounds. Then Offensive Line 8 rounds, Defensive Front 8 Rounds. Defensive Backs 8 rounds. Then a 30 round of whoever is left.
  2. Yeah if Jordan Howard is out there I feel he is probably the best pick up this week.
  3. I'm a fan of Freeman due to his touches and the backup being Ito Smith. I would hope he turns it around. I can't see a trade though. That would be worth it.
  4. Is there a way I can get Singletary or D. Freeman? He is low on WRs and could also swing for a bigger name potentially. Non-PPR Scoring. My Team: RB: S. Michel, J. Jacobs, P. Lindsay, K. Drake, T. Coleman WR: D. Adams, J. Schuster, A. Jeffery, G. Tate, DeMarcus Robinson, J. Ross His Team: RB: L. Bell, J. Conner, D. Freeman, D. Singletary, L. Murray, J. Jackson WR: A. Theilan, T. Lockett, J. Brown, C. Samuel I am thinking Freeman + Singletary for A. Jeffery/G. Tate and P. Lindsay
  5. Yeah I would play safe and sit Moore for a week. Kirk looked good last week and should have a decent floor. Thanks for the help on mine.
  6. Sit tight, very much same same imo this week and get that week 4 blow out.
  7. I would take it. You have more riding on McCoy. Johnson hasn't done anything yet.
  8. I actually like D but also wouldn't mind C especially getting Watkins.
  9. I would be jumping on Jacobs if you could get him. Still with concerns this week and being a rookie you may be able to package something as well. I think you need the help at RB more than Rodgers who hasn't been blowing up yet.
  10. I would make the trade. You need the pieces at RB and Murray will settle into the role more and more as the season roles on. http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/765432-whir-drop-any-to-pick-up-any/
  11. Yeah I like Ekeler as the main player in the trade. It might be worth it in a few weeks if you want to get your team play off ready and can drop Ekeler knowing Gordon could be back. But he is the guy at the moment and Gordon could end up gone all together.
  12. Non-PPR scoring: My Team - T.J. Hockenson (Starting), T. Cohen, T. Coleman, K. Drake, G. Tate, A. Jeffrey, J. Ross FA's - S. Diggs (Need to Waiver Claim), J. Landry, F. Gore, D. Robinson, J. Witten, D.J. Chark, J. Samuels Bonus Qs: WDIS - P. Lindsay v J. Ross
  13. Ahh we don't FAAB. I blew second priority for it. I bought into Vances hype all offseason.