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  1. I give Thielen and Smallwood for D.Thomas? Only thing that worries me is starting CJ and Thomas. Rest of team: PPR QB: Cousins WR: Baldwin WR: Thielen RB: CJ Anderson RB: Miller TE: Gronk Flex: T.Coleman K: Stream DEF: Stream Bench: David Johnson, Smallwood, Mack, Parker, C.Davis.
  2. Id prefer to have Agholor or Decker for this upcoming match-up over Lewis. If healthy id start parker. FLex id go Thompson.
  3. Id take cook and Martin. Jordy isn't the same without rodgers plus i dont see him keeping his type of production up for the next two years.
  4. Id also do a package to target someone else. I think Jefferey will be fine though and Wentz looks good,.
  5. Yeah Dak. Trying to also sell Watson for a good WR (Cousins is my backup )
  6. Give Watson/ CJ Anderson/ Gillislee Get McCoy/K.Allen/T.Coleman PPR
  7. I dont think id do it either. Much rather have AJ and Martin. Fuller wont keep it up plus his two tds came off 2 receptions.
  8. I give McCoy and McKinnon I get Freeman and Mack. My other RBs are Hyde, Mixon, Crowell,
  9. I give McCoy and McKinnon I get Freeman and Mack. My other RBs are Hyde, Mixon, Crowell,
  10. Ok. I think id rather keep Gillislee/Cohen. If powell is out, zeke on bye, and you give up those two rbs, you're left with just Ellington. Definitely stay put.
  11. Never bench your studs. Go with Thomas. And i think id go with Martin over Cooks. I can see the pats taking a quick lead and then Gillislee finishing off the game. Lastly, I think you have to go with Ravens with the Trubisky under center.
  12. Id lean Coleman.
  13. I like it as well. Big upgrade at RB, and i think Baldwin should get going after the bye.
  14. This one is tough without knowing the rest of your team. Pryor has a good matchup this week and already had his bye. Where as Cohens production/usage has gone down each week and gilly is TD dependent, i think id lean Pryor.
  15. Which trade would you rather make. I give McCoy/McKinnon/ASJ for Green/Miller? I give McCoy/McKinnon/ASJ for Evans/Howard? Or just stay put with McCoy/McKinnon? Diff. team from sig. RBs: Hyde, Crowell, Mixon. WRs: Jor.Nelson, D.Bryant, D.Parker. Thanks!