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  1. Would you do any of these trades? PPR I give TColeman and Crowder for Martin? i give Miller/Riddick/Crowder for Cooper and Mixon? Thanks,
  2. I think you'll be fine with streaming Qb's, im sure others qb's will be dropped later due to bye weeks.
  3. Yes i would take that as well.
  4. I give CJ Anderson and Miller to get Bell? Would this leave me to thin at RB? I'd be left with DJ, JStew, Smallwood, TColeman, Riddick I can maybe throw in a WR and try and see if he'll throw in Ingram (he's been on his bench the whole year) Thanks.
  5. Is giving up Moncrief and TColeman for Martin too much? PPR. My other rbs are Miller, DJ, CJ Anderson, JStew and Riddick. Thanks.
  6. How everyone said an rb2 most likely. Maybe target the Olsen or Ebron owners if they don't already have decent options.
  7. I give David Johnson and CJ Anderson for Bell? PPR redraft.
  8. Definitely take Hilton. Luck might be back in 2-3 weeks.
  9. I'm over owning Lamar Miller. Take D.Martin for Miller? PPR Thanks.
  10. I think I'd slightly lean with Thompson. With Bradford out I think they're going to lean on the run more.
  11. Worth a shot. But like post above said probably not enough. If so then go for Cook.
  12. Same here I think that looks like a solid squad. Your rbs will be better once martin is back.
  13. I would definitely try to trade for him but not give up two rbs. Maybe do like Parker and Martin or Cook for just McCoy.
  14. I have DJ if he comes back, CJ Anderson, Chris Johnson, TColeman, Riddick, Jstew. I guess mainly doing cause I don't trust Miller also, but thin at WR with M.Bryant, Crowder and Moncrief.
  15. I think I'd hold golladay.
  16. Yeah I'd drop Kamara as well.
  17. Would you give Miller and Diggs for: K.Allen and D.Henry or K.Allen and Mixon ppr thanks.
  18. I think I'd go with Henry if Murray is out. Then Nelson
  19. I agree. Watkins is not a bad wr3. I would upgrade QB. Still a lot of uncertainty with Bradford
  20. Yea id stay put. I think Cohen will continue to produce throughout the season.
  21. Id hold. Id rather have Allen and Cohen since its PPR.
  22. Which side do you prefer? PPR dez and Hyde or lynch, Pryor, ebron