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  1. Steelers fleener w/no snead stay put with riddick drop Flacco for Amendola or Davis.
  2. I think both are solid. I like the first one better. I'm in the same situation not high on Miller and trying to shop him for copper or Allen.
  3. I think that's a great team. Good bench as well. I see you traded cooper for Jordy?
  4. I tend to stay away from Hopkins. Specially after last year. So I'd keep Parker. But it's a close call.
  5. I think brate will still be relevant in the bucs offense. But like the other person said I'd keep an eye on ASJ.
  6. I think both are solid. But I do like the first one better.
  7. 12 team PPR. McCoy and Nelson or DJ and Cooper? thanks!
  8. I like it. Just don't like the Nelson/Cobb pairing. Oh am Montgomery.
  9. Hunt, Hyde, Cook, Crowell, Miller, Fournette,
  10. I give McFadden and Tyrell Williams for Pryor? My other Rbs: McCoy, Crowell, Lynch, Woodhead, My other WRs: Nelson, Parker, Moncrief, Britt.
  11. I would wait as well. I'm in a similar situation. Only have 1 qb and im pretty sure someone else will drop one.
  12. 12 Team PPR: 3 trade scenarios. I give Miller straight up for Gurley? I give Miller and John Brown or Moncrief for Cooper/West? Or Miller straight up for Cooper? Rest of my team: WRs: Diggs, M.Bryant, Coleman, John Brown. RBs: DJ, CJ, JStew, Riddick, Coleman(ATL), Kamara. Thanks will help in return.