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  1. Exactly lets not use the ravens as being some juggernaut secondary as a scapegoat for Kupp’s performance. They are for sure beatable through the air..Kupp has been trending down for weeks now, thanks in large part to Jared Goff being terrible
  2. Without the most pristine conditions possible, he is a terrible NFL QB
  3. Kupp is non-existant, borderline unstartable. He’s been bad, goff hasnt helped but kupp has not been good
  4. Every time I tune into a 49ers game I can't help but think that Coleman is the worst RB on their roster, all of Breida, Wilson, and Mostert look better to me, yet TC keeps chugging along as the preferred starter, so more power to him I guess.
  5. David Montgomery, King of the Plods!
  6. Yea that just ruins the fun of FF, no thanks
  7. Probably still top 24, but he’s falling like a rock