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  1. 10 team ppr superflex. Should I flex montgomery vs giants guice vs Detroit Tyrell Williams vs jets
  2. Dropping Carolina. Anyone thinking about starting Jacksonville or Denver this week?
  3. I’m working on the same deal in my league. Kupp owner also has dj. I would do Edmonds and Mike Williams. See if he’ll take tyrell tho
  4. Not quite the help I expected from the illuminati.. can I compete while punting 4/5 cats?? My only real strength is fg% and boards
  5. I’m assuming no TO. If so getting harden at 5 is clutch. I like lavine a lot. He’s going to go crazy this year. You got a good squad
  6. 10 team 9cat h2h ESPN League settings updated last min by commish. got stuck with last pick and missed the draft. auto pick screwed me simmons siakam aldridge harrell rozier Bryant favors kanter lamb hunter Reddish edwards little
  7. I feel you. I’m working on a siakam for doncic deal. But still trying to figure what else I can do to save this team. Definitely trying to offload kanter + rozier
  8. Commish had to update league members info a couple times and it made him randomize the draft order every time. I went from 1st to last pick. Also the draft time got pushed up last minute and of course I’m sleeping through the beginning of the draft. Auto picked Simmons and siakam at 10/11 and immediately gave up on the season. Kept talking sh*t to the commish until I finally decided to sign in only to see I drafted all centers and rozier and lamb. Don’t even know how to recover when my team is only good at boards and fg%. Pretty much punting like 4 cats in a 9 cat league
  9. Appreciate the support guys. Imma bookmark this and show it to my league mates when they try to stop me from dropping everyone and making it a 9 team league 😭😭
  10. 10 team 9 cat h2h commish had to update league info last second and was forced to randomize the draft order like 3 times. Went from first pick to last and happened to nap through the beginning of the draft after the draft time was changed too. Ended up auto picking Simmons/Siakam and gave up right away. Logged in only to find out I have all centers. Any advice on how to turn this team around would be appreciated my “team” simmons siakam Aldrige harrell rozier Thomas Bryant favors kanter lamb hunter logged in just to make more rediculous picks reddish edwards nasir little
  11. I’d try to get a better rb. but if Fournette is your only option, I like kupp over juju ros. I’d still try to get a better rb tho