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  1. This is a keeper. We keep starting lineups. (We also keep up to 6 MiLB.) At the auction, I bought Pederson, Suzuki, Poche, Richards, and Graterol. Once Sale officially goes on the IL, I'll probably grab another bench bat. *Yes, Hendriks the closer. Autocorrect got me there.
  2. Probably JRod side for me. Love Marte tho... Help here?
  3. Would probably snag another bat. If you really want a pitcher, I would probably go Biebs. Thoughts on mine?
  4. Thinking Soler, but never been a big Merrifield fan. Help here:
  5. Probably Betances, though Lugo is solid too. Help here?
  6. Hey all, Thoughts on this team, just had our auction yesterday: Batting cats are R, HR, RBI, SB, OPS // Pitching cats are W, K, ERA, WHIP, NSVH. C - Suzuki 1B - Muncy 2B - McNeil 3B - J Ram SS - Tatis LF - Yelich CF - Marte RF - JD Martinez UTL - Mondesi BNCH - Pederson NA - A. Bracho SP - Verlander, Morton, Wheeler, Flaherty, G. Richards, Fulmer (IL) Sale (IL pending) RP - Hendricks, E. Diaz, C. Poche, Graterol WHIR 100%
  7. McNeil for me. Multi position eligibility, BA, and some SBs.
  8. Depends on batting cats. If OBP/OPS, then Gallo. help with mine?
  9. I’m in a similar league where top-3 pitchers bring in 800-900 points. No problem snagging Cole at 1. help here?
  10. So I’ve got a glut of prospects, and I need to decide which to keep and which to let go or try to trade. The league is a 16-team h2h with OPS scoring. Here’s the list: J. Rodriguez M. Luciano D. Carlson G. Rodriguez A. Kiriloff N. Hoerner A. Thomas G. Valera L. Garcia (Washington) I can keep up to 6. Who do you take?? WHIR
  11. It's close, but I do think you come out on top here. Thanks for mine.
  12. I'd play the hot hand. Could justify any of those options for Newman.