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  1. Wow... don’t even know what to say. [...] Made total sense after knowing DT and Griffin wouldn’t be playing and Robby seeing more of the coverage. Could’ve been a week winning play. [...]
  2. Really surprised no one has mentioned him. MJJ done. No Hock. Who else they going to throw to with Golladay being focused on by the defense? ps. Plays the 32nd ranked defense against wide recievers this week...
  3. No more Penny. Can only smash Carson so much into the line and keep him healthy for a playoff run. Think im starting this week, with zero confidence 😂
  4. LOL. Of course hes not good without his weapons...that's like having pancakes with no syrup. Just okay, but could be WAY better. Using your same argument, I'm going to come to the conclusion that Aaron Rodgers is a bad QB as well without Devante, etc.
  5. Is this just a play for this week or could he have relevance going forward? Conner close to coming back?
  6. He’s on my DND, but buy for pennies after his first injury list for next year.
  7. This is a good thing. I’d expect full practices next week and a 100% Fuller on Thursday. We want him for the rest of the season even though the matchup is nice this week.
  8. Not top 5, but close was 2015 CJ Anderson. Still haunts me to this day lmao.
  9. Close this thread already. It’s CROWDER time.
  10. “Lockett has four-or-fewer targets in four games this season. He's been a week-to-week headache for fantasy owners but overall remains a top-12 wideout. Lockett will get the Week 11 bye to rest up ahead of a date with the Eagles.” this was the update that came out before the one you posted. “Week to week headache” lmao. Actually absurd. 😂
  11. Choose one. And why? Drop a link for some help back. Thanks.