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  1. Leg still wrapped in something... idk something seems off abut the way he’s moving. Don’t think he’s 100% yet.
  2. Was he legitimately questionable though? I feel like Shanny’s game plan the whole time was to be all hush on Wilson, then unleash him... Now after typing that out it makes me think Coleman will be active and get 20 carries. Shanny saying “Outside chance to play week 8” = bellcow who I’m shoving up your throat lol Guarenteed questionable/gtd all this week who then puts up 20+. That being said, I have Hasty so I hope he’s inactive 🙃
  3. Is this a one week rental though? And why are people confident to start him this week? I’m just not fully understanding... I get he has the measurables to succeed in a lead role, but surely Williams is the play this week?
  4. Anyone watch the whole game? Were they doubling Thielen, leading to more looks for Jefferson? Defenses will have to respect Jefferson moving forward. In .5ppr, WR2 and WR5 are on this offense.
  5. No doubt. His schedule is not that enticing to me, but things can only get better as more of the starting offensive pieces are added back. I'm keeping that same energy for Brady 🙏
  6. He had a good game for sure, but lets slow down a bit. He was gifted two possessions starting in the opponents red zone. Also, the run in for the TD is not happening most games. Just saw he had less than 200 passing yards too.... That being said, he will consistently stay in the 18-25 point range which is good for most people who waited on QB.
  7. For Lockett. Might have to throw in Kelley Thoughts?
  8. BEATHARD STARTING SECOND HALF. Our prayers were answered!!
  9. Why does Garoppolo not throw to Kittle? Makes zero sense...
  10. ESPN app said he was "injured on the play" ... anyone have an update on that? or maybe some bleach i can drink?
  11. Forsure. I decided to take the upside of Higgins over Miller though. It was a tough decision.