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  1. Kittle. He has a much bigger target share, is uber athletic, and has experience and rapport with Beathard (49ers backup QB - they were even roomates in college lol). McDonald is on a high powered offense but he only owns a small share of those targets behind Brown, Juju and Conner.
  2. Def do it and drop Grant. At the very least hes a trade chip. Tons of people would love to see him packaged in a trade after his monster game last weekend
  3. Would be good to know your wideouts. But I'd do it if sanders will be starting for you, in a heartbeat.
  4. I think 25% is reasonable. If this league is mroe than 12 teams, maybe go up to 35% for Baker.
  5. If he really wants him that badly, I think you could squeeze more out of him than Kupp. Either have him throw in a high upside rb off his bench, or try for a better wideout.
  6. Thats tough, but I think I'd go Michel. I'm a Royce Freeman truther, but as of now, I like Michel's upside more.
  7. I'd drop cole for either of them. Enunwa gets too much volume, Lockett always has wild upside.
  8. I'd do it if youve got a couple high end flex low end RBs on your bench. Mccafrey is gonna be top 5 in any ppr format
  9. Williams due to his TD upside. But I have them pretty damn close, because I think Atlanta is going to start making a concerted effort to get the ball in Ridleys hands
  10. I'm looking for whatever I can get for cooper, just dont want him on ym team, not worth the headache. Go with the Randy Moss-esque upside of Josh Gordon
  11. I dont think that guy is an idiot. Jones has been taken over by Galladay, no doubt about it. He hes a good avg depth epr target, but hes the third option in that offense. If theyre able to get their run game going, Jones will be the forgotten man. Jones isnt even a wr2 imo. Brown>Boyd>Jones
  12. Id personally drop jones for lewis or carson, probably carson first. Hes becoming the featured back.
  13. Stick with what you have. Big Ben is on a roll right now, but he will regress slightly. I rarely think its a good idea to trade FOR a qb since there is so many startable ones week to week. Help me out?