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  1. Chavis gets the nod, imo. Lineup in BOS gives him considerable edge.
  2. I'm in win now mode, so really contemplating this...I can use another SP. OPS / QS league. My: Jo Adell / Nate Pearson His: Nick Madrigal / Lucas Giolito Thoughts?
  3. To be honest, I think you shouldn't sat back and waited for more. I'm a Jays fan through and through and would love to have Vlad, but I just can't bring myself to make a trade like this. That being said, you really won't be able to evaluate this deal until the next 1-3 years play out. On the surface though, I think I would've held out for more.
  4. Given his eligibility, power, and ability to take a walk, Muncy is so valuable. Especially in OBP or OPS leagues. Own many shares and don't plan on selling anytime soon. Even if his stock rises some, I don't think it will get to a point where I'd get an offer I couldn't refuse.
  5. NO. Franco obviously looks good, but all 3 of the guys you'd be moving are a good bet to be within the top 50 and are young. Hard pass.
  6. 100% need to do this. Focus on what you'll be getting, not what you'll be giving up.
  7. Albies is far and away the best player in this deal. Also young. Guess only time will tell and it depends on the makeup of your roster, but I don't like this for you.
  8. I own both Muncy and McNeil in an OPS league. Cant go wrong with either, but I'd lean Muncy. More sure power.
  9. If you're confident that you'll maintain the lead in hitting cats, I'd play it safe and only start them if you need to. You're winning by 4 cats right now.You have a few decent matchups, but I wouldn't risk it. You have a blow-up game, he could overtake era/whip and it's 4-4.
  10. You're right, that's tough. Judge, Yordan,Buehler, and Story would probably be my choices. Joram's k/bb is great, but I think you get more overall from Story. Stanton is too much of a risk.