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  1. I am punting assists with Curry/AD from my keeper league. Considering keeping Jaylen Brown to follow the theme. I am targeting Nurkic/Ingram for the first two rounds.
  2. I would keep CJ. Walton hated Buddy.
  3. Most surprising breakout player from last season imo. Now that Hayward is gone, Kemba is injured. The opportunity is there. Doing great in the playoffs as well. Is Brown going to take another leap?
  4. 8 teams 9 cats H2H. 4 keepers each. Already keeping AD Curry and Jalen Brown. I was considering punting assists then go for Wood or something for my last pick. Sabonis is also a candidate.
  5. These guys are all on my team. Sorry for the confusion 😅. If I have to choose the last keeper between Kemba / Lowry / Sabonis / Wood / Ball. Who would you choose?
  6. I am in a keeper situation. Thinking about giving him up for Lowry/Sabonis/Whiteside ?
  7. Kemba might play with injury at the beginning of the season. He is not himself during the bubble/playoffs. The little upside is that Hayward is gone. Is he going to sit often and decrease his playing time? Tatum/Brown combo keeps growing affect his role?
  8. Is Wendell Carter Jr prime for a breakout season? New coach probably won't F up the rotation. Lock up at the C position. 1 stls 1 blks potential.
  9. it's not that I don't trust the player. I don't trust the kings.
  10. what do we think about Lonzo? I think he is a candidate for MIP. Lack of aggressiveness on the offensive end really bugs me tho.