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  1. Yep. Let’s not forget that week 7 was with Deebo. Deebo went 5/65. On week 8, Bourne went 8/81 when Deebo was out. I think this shows that two WRs can do well in this offense, especially Aiyuk.
  2. Wow Wentz. Goedert couldl’ve had 60 yards and a TD on this drive.
  3. The next pass is going to Goedert! I saw Wentz talking to him! Draw it up in the dirt! It can't be any worse than what we've seen!
  4. Wentz actually had Goedert open for an easy 15 yarder, but Wentz does not trust anything right now. He decided to tuck it and run. He should've had Goedert on a 40 yarder earlier too. C'mon Wentz.
  5. Will the Ravens have to split their team in 2? Half will play against the Cowboys and half will play against the Steelers? 😂
  6. At this point, the NFL wants to have this game so bad that the plane will land in Pittsburgh at 6ET with kickoff at 6:20 tomorrow.
  7. How ironic that the news release of players testing positive hasn’t come out today when all of the other days the results came out before noon. I wonder if they had positives and are now keeping it hush hush until they figure something out. Either that, or they’re getting retested again as we speak. Who knows. It’s pretty quiet right now though.
  8. So imagine a week 18 scenario where the Steelers need a win to clinch the #1 spot and Baltimore needs a win to make the playoffs! Those ratings would be amazing. The only thing that sucks would be giving all other playoff teams a bye, but Pittsburgh and Baltimore would play the following week. I’d move this game to a Thursday for week 18, so both team still get a small break heading into the playoffs.
  9. I’m going to put fantasy aside here. What a load of BS. The Ravens have not practiced once and are missing like a 3rd of their team...? I understand division rivals know each other, but why risk it at this point? Either postpone the game or give the Steelers a win already. Put a stop to it now. If the game gets played and then there’s even more of a Covid breakout with the Steelers and Ravens, then we’re looking at teams not playing at full strength down the stretch.
  10. That’s understandable. There are simple plays a QB learns to run that don’t rely on timing. It’s not like they brought in a guy who’s never played QB. Like you said though, maybe it wouldn’t have mattered against the Saints defense.
  11. Yep. I didn’t get to see the game, but dropping back 5 steps and trying to read the defense while having pressure in your face is a lot tougher than taking one step and throwing to a WR or rolling out looking for someone in the flat and if not, toss it away. Bringing a WR in motion and then tossing it to him might’ve helped a little too. It’s an impossible situation, but 1/9? I was thinking at worst, 4/10 lol.