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  1. The year is 2030 and Jordan Reed is still in the concussion protocol. Poor guy just needs to retire and think about his long term health.
  2. Titans already beat them 35-32! No easy path right now. The 49ers are the ones with the easy path.
  3. Don’t diss Vick like that. At least Vick can win in the playoff! 😂
  4. Also in the next coming weeks when I get real bored on a day, I’ll review the stats and write some things down. I usually make a tentative target and DND list while it’s fresh in my mind. Last year I had Bell, Johnson, Cook, and a few others on my DND list. Still drafted Bell and regret it. I avoided Johnson too. Of course missing out on Cook sucked. Didn’t think he’d stay healthy, and I guess part of that ended up being correct.
  5. I definitely miss Sunday’s! Gotta few more weeks of it, but then it’s going to church late. Probably taking the family to see their grandparents and boredom. The rest of the week is fine. Although I listened to FF on XM radio this year and that was awesome. I’ll miss that on my drives to work. I’ll watch some b-ball. My dad came up with an interesting offseason FF that involves replayIng the season from week 1, but having a new draft every week and other rules that made it strategic. It seemed like a pretty neat idea, but something I didn’t give him the time he wanted to fully explain it to me and do a practice round. I enjoy the break, it makes me look more forward to it later.
  6. I’m ready to be hurt so good again next season. Ever since winning 3/3 championships in one year I’ve gone like 0/9 in 3 years...yikes. Bragging brought karma!
  7. I mean this post really didn't make any sense. I own Chubb. 5 TD's in 13 games shouldn't really inspire confidence in getting a was another good example of that. Him and that team can't punch it in at the GL.
  8. Yea, that's the one that stings more. Especially since RB's get +5 bonus points for over 100 yards rushing, but no bonus points for receiving. So Chubb over Brown made some sense. I think I was trying to go with the law of averages. Something like, "Can Higbee keep this going against a much better defense? And can Henry really stink in another game with a great matchup?" 49ers defense has really been average though, so I should've just gone with Higbee. Everett returning kind of pushed me more toward Henry again. Also considered AJ Brown over Lockett, but Lockett and Wilson played too well last week.
  9. Lost by 2 in the championship. Deciding to stay with the players that got me there backfired. Chose Henry over Higbee and Chubb in the flex over AJ Brown I really wanted to choose Higbee and Brown. Also Zuerlein was Q all week, so I went with Koo instead. Zuerlein scores 3 more. Sigh....
  10. Don’t be salty. I knew he’d blow up last week. Thought about sitting him for AJ Brown. Didn’t. To be fair, the entire Seattle offense, especially Wilson looks like complete crap. 8 targets 1 reception smh
  11. RIP us Lockett owners. Make it a freakin shoutout, what are you doing!?!??
  12. Only these idiots would hurry up their offense to the GL and throw a slant instead of taking advantage of Baltimore not subbing in their big boys on the DL.
  13. FantasyPros and DraftKing say Moore is ruled out. CBS had it too. Going against him, feel bad though. He was having a great stretch.
  14. Ugh..true. At least McCaffrey got some dumps offs there. Should have another 5 receptions in the 2nd half.
  15. Why are they playing Greer again? I didn't mind Allen...