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  1. Willie Snead was dropped on the waiver wire. PPR. We start 3 WR, 2RB, and 1 Flex. Snead would probably be a starting FLEX when he returns. Did just a bit of research and looks like, at this time anyway, Snead may put up, on average, just a point more per week than any other possible FLEX. That is just a rough estimate. Should I go after Snead aggressively? Currently I have an aggressive bid of $21 sitting out there. Waivers on Snead will clear tonight. Should I just pass on Snead and hope one of my possible FLEX players below gets hot? Just do not want to miss on Snead and regret not going aggressive. Is $21 too aggressive? What about $11 or $16? Is the possibility of one extra point a week worth $11, $16 or $21 FAAB bid? We have rostered now: STARTING AJ Green TY Hilton Jarvis Landry Lamar Miller B. Powell FLEX Kenny Brit Mike Wallace Kevin White D. Woodhead D. Johnson