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  1. Watched most Cards games this season and they just leave TEs wide open. Not only down the seam, but also in the endzone. Ricky Seals-Jones of all people caught 2 wide open TDs on Sunday (Njoku was inactive). If I had to bank on a TE to score this week, it would be Hollister!
  2. Was a good hype train though. Great D, very good OL, run-heavy scheme with backup QBs starting, going against a bad D. Volume was absolutely there. Just didn't work out, but the process was ripe!
  3. No way in hell anybody could justify starting him next week. Coleman is basically waiver fodder by now. However, I fully expect a classic revenge game with 2 TDs. Fantasy Law School 101.
  4. OBJ take me home To the place I belong! 🙏
  5. Penny, Guice... Recency bias is real! Montgomery gonna eat tonight!
  6. I would have Tyreek on the board as my #1 WR all over again, obviously not knowing MT would be the epitome of WR1 consistency. Injuries are so tough to predict anyway. I think 2019 in particular was a season where fragile players with the dreaded injury-prone label held up fairly well, while some "safe" players went down. Also Mahomes battling through ankle injury, and obviously the broken knee cap, threw their rhythm off a bit. Expect a solid WR1 finish from Tyreek from here on out. With at least a couple of BOOM games!
  7. When you consider Murray's whole body of work, this game was an outlier. The Rams were pissed, being embarassed on national TV, and came to put a exlamation point on the Cardinals. Can't be too confident against a tough Steelers D. But Steelers D isn't the same on the road. I like Murray to score at least twice on them, with some decent rushing floor.
  8. Just when I thought Cook is too good to be true, and FF playoffs right around the corner... 😨
  9. Can't trust Philly anymore, no matter what. Fitzmagic-Parker is a nice combo, but that's all they have and it was enough to put 37 on them, which is just inexcusable against a turnover-prone, sloppy offense with a crappy OL. GB on the other hand is at homs, which is a huge boost to them, especially in December. I fully expect Haskins to be overwhelmed and turn it over early and often.
  10. Big game in week 14 incoming! Mark my words! Of course he will blow up on our bench or WW. Because, well, that's FF in a nutshell...
  11. In theory this was the case over the years. But my eye test tells me they play a blitz-heavy man scheme with Gilmore playing at All World level. Not much time for the QB to throw though, and opposite Gilmore they will often double with a safety.
  12. In your case it's Fuller. Thx on mine!
  13. Half PPR. Need a flex. Who is the better play? Fuller has one of the worst WR matchups. If not the worst. Patriots have allowed just 1 TD to a WR all season long! They almost never get beat deep. No doubt Fuller can run away from any defense if he breaks free, but will he break one against the Patriots? Snell vs Browns. Their defense is about average against the run, and there is no chance the Steelers air it out with Hodges under center. Should see a nice amount of carries, but can he put up numbers? WHIR 100%
  14. Not enough to fade him. He's kicked in such conditions before at Arrowhead. Also he isn't a kicker who relies on hitting 50+ yarders, and the Chiefs usually go for it on 4th in that territory anyway. His value is based on a safe XP floor and his perfect accuracy within 40 yards. Wind shouldn't downgrade him.