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  1. As I said in the previous game thread. Ravens will score on defense just to spite me benching them. My apologies Charger fans.
  2. There you go Lamar - now you're in their head.
  3. If Gurley sits its a no-brainer for me - start both Williams. If Gurley plays then I have a tough choice to make - sit my MVP or play him and sit one of the Williams'? If so which one? Damien or Jamaal?
  4. Could say the same about Melvin. Can't believe he sat him for Williams.
  5. I would go Pettis but I dont feel very confident in either tbh.
  6. Actually I think I would. I could see Lamar having a decent game if he runs the ball well. I know the Chargers are good against the pass but they have not seen an offense like the Ravens. Not saying they are high powered but you rarely see this style of play anymore so a lot of teams aren't equipped to do so. Will be very interesting to see the speed vs. power matchup. Chargers defense is all speed but they lack size. Ravens offense is more north south to me not east west. Only way Lamar really gets in trouble is if the Chargers score early and often. If he has to become a drop back QB he will not do well. Chargers need to be super aggressive.
  7. Malcom Butler - changing the course of football history forever - real life and fantasy. That play could be HUGE for us.
  8. Made it to the championship game this year on the back of my beloved Todd Gurley - you know, the man who basically ended all of my hopes and dreams a season ago. This year I had the number 1 pick so I took him and he never disappointed me until now. Of course as fate would have it - after going this far I am not going to have my best player when I need him the most - even if he does play will he be as effective or taken out the game early? I don't know what is going to happen on Sunday but it just kills me to know that I could lose and not have my guy in the most important game all year - especially since he did so much damage to me last year.
  9. I give the Titans Defense no credit that was all Malcom Butler. They would have told him to drop down anyways. Crazy that he decided to take that to the house and then did. Truly a blessing.
  10. TBH I have Baker starting for me at the moment.....
  11. Welp I sat the Ravens defense for the Titans in the championship game thinking they would get me at least 15. Sorry Chargers fans I jinxed you - Ravens gonna win and their defense is gonna score now - watch.
  12. C'mon Titans you really gonna let that old man run all over you?