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  1. I'd love if there was dark theme as an option. Have this one as default, but offer members to switch between few.
  2. Landry again. Lol. Of course. Why would Beckham have anything ever.
  3. So, there is like 25 targets to Gabriel, Miller and Cohen, and only 3 to ARob. Okay, that makes sense.
  4. Where does it say he's been cleared to play?
  5. I guess I'm gonna start him mostly because I believe Cardinals have a shot at winning, and if that happens chances are this one ends up being a high scoring game. Unless AP sits. In that case I'll take a risk with Guice.
  6. If he starts this week, he will definitely be a very risky RB2 against the Niners. But, man, I have this good feeling he's gonna snap. SF coming off their first season defeat, and Cardinals unbeaten at Levi's Stadium with four wins. Besides that feeling I can only hope.
  7. Seems to me he'll be ready for TNF. Especially now that they are winning the wild card race.
  8. If no one said anything, would you really have played Drake against that D, and on his debut? I don't think so.
  9. The guy snaps against the best defense in recent league history, eats them alive despite the second fumble (first one was not on him), and idiots on the bench decide that passing on 3rd for 1 is the right call. Chubb is amazing runner.
  10. I have a feeling he will go 100+ and a score today.
  11. Smh. Entire 4th quarter just ran the ball.