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  1. I don't know the finer points of it, but if a 48 game season was imposed I wouldn't be surprised to see a player strike/refusal to play.
  2. I think the opposite. With an 8-9 week regular season there isn’t a long enough season to do h2h. In a ten team league you may get to play everyone once, then no playoffs. My h2h leagues are going to do a roto style this year if it ends up being sub-60 games.
  3. Simple solution - open the books and prove it. They want everyone to just believe what they say in terms of financials relating to their clubs but won't open the books to show it.
  4. I didn't say he wouldn't be better, or anything of the sort. I said he had, by far, the lowest ceiling, and that's not really debatable. The first thing I said in my post was that I do indeed love Nico. And those #'s he posted aren't anything superlative. They are about in line with what he did in college too. Sure, arguing he may blow up just because of age is fine, but also check the age on the other 2 guys. The same argument exists - except they've actually shown a higher ceiling already.
  5. So, what exactly is your point? If that's your baseline than any amount of money they make over an average american salary will likely be too much, on your terms at least. I don't get the hate for the players in all this, or people calling them big babies because they don't just take whatever the ownership group gives them and play ball. Do people realize that money is going into the hands of the owners instead? Ticket prices aren't going back down, beer prices, nachos, etc. If that money isn't going to the players it's going to the owners. I don't blame them 1 iota for this situation, nor will I have any animosity towards the players union or players if this season doesn't happen. The ownership group wants to scream losses but won't open the books to show it? They want to negotiate in good faith and the players union take them at their words, but they've not done anything to earn that. I want there to be baseball, but this isn't on the players for not just taking whatever dollars they can get and playing.
  6. I love Nico, but what? he's got arguably the least upside of the group. There is nothing in his profile that suggests he'll ever be a plus asset at MI, IMO, unless the league is super deep. Diaz is coming off a 2019 season in AAA where he hit .305 with 26 homers in 102 games. He runs a little too, and could chip in 12-15 SB. Willy Adames played a full MLB season at age 23 and his 20 homers, batted .254 and stole few bases. Like Diaz, he could chip in a few more steals, too, once he gets the OBP up. While I really like Hoerner, he's far from having that kind of upside. I don't want to extrapolate small samples of anything he's done, but in AA last year he hit 3 homers and slugged .399 (70 games), yeah, he stole 8 bases, so there's that, but it's not like he's an elite runner. Hoerner is a safer play just because his K:BB will play up, and he'll likely have a better AVG and OBP, but at the cost of pretty much all other counting stats. Even in college Nico hit 0 HR (53 games), 1 HR (58 games) and 2 HR (57 games). That's a whopping 3 homers in 168 collegiate games. He stole a total of 18 bases over that span. That was age 19-21 during that time Adames was in the minors and played in ~370 games, hit 25 HR, stole 34 bases, which puts him at ~10-12 HR/15-17 SB over that same amount of games that Nico played in College. This was also in A+/AA/AAA. Pretty much the same story for Diaz, in the minors and palyed ~315 games, hit 46 home runs and stole 32 bases. Nico simply doesn't have the speed or pop as the other guys, IMO, and his best tool (AVG) is also one of the most volatile/hardest to predict in fantasy. Nico is the epitome of low upside/high floor, where as the other 2 guys have quite a bit more upside but with more risk. I think I'd go with Adames for the blend of upside and floor. The K rate isn't obscene, the BB rate needs work but he was also 23 in the big leagues and put up respectable numbers.
  7. That's really vague. League size? Scoring format? Scoring settings?
  8. The in my lifetime part makes it way easier. Jeff Bagwell Craig Biggio Lance Berkman Roy Oswalt ... Billy Wagner was tough to snub.
  9. Lance Berkman - Averaged 103 R, 33 HR, 111 RBI and a .297/.410/.548 line for a decade (with ~8SB a season to boot) averaged out to 162 games/season. Michael Young was a guy I ended up with a lot. Jose Reyes and David Wright. I remember thinking I was set with them once I had both in a dynasty startup around 2005. From 05-15 he averaged 108/13/65/51/.290 (with a .341 OBP) per 162. Outstanding. Didn't kill you at power but gave great R and SB and BA numbers. David Wright for 7 years averaged 102/26/106/22/.301 per 162 for 7 years. A lot of these "averages" are including the fact guys were mostly playing full seasons during these periods, they injuries piled up late and kept them down.
  10. If any grade out PSA 10 you may have a few bucks there. I was heavily into collecting for years. Really faded out around the time I was graduating high school (~2005ish). The way the card market got just made me sad, memorabilia or autos just jammed in everywhere. The cool inserts and what not really didn't mean much anymore. It seems to have gotten better, though. I'm a fan of Bowman and Topps Chrome. Paper bowman or bowman chrome. Some of the subsets like Platinum or Sterling etc are ok, Sapphire too, but I prefer the plain jane chrome. Heritage is a super nice set. My favorite card I ever owned was from Heritage, a Willie Mays Heritage Auto Red Ink #'d/52. Was an error card, wasn't #'d like it should have been, topps offered to buy it back (sent me an official letter/offer for it). I posted it on eBay with the letter from tops and got about $750 for it. Playoff had a "piece of the game" series with different series (bat, jersey, bat + jersey, gold, silver, etc) and I have 5 of the 10 Lance Berkman bat/jersey gold combos #'d/10. I was trying to get all 10 at one point. Haven't looked for them in years. I have a ton of Berkman autos still. I got back into cards for a minute, a couple of years ago Harpers bowman autos were way down. I was buying them for like 140-150 each. Speculating he'd turn his career "around" and did, ended up selling them for about 25 each (had about 20-25 of them). Haven't done much with cards since.
  11. No, I don't see any good argument for them being pro rated, personally.
  12. Huh? Why in the world would they count towards their suspension if they weren't played?
  13. I only noted it on Bregman because I was sure on him, really wasn't into deep diving on all those guys. I find it pretty interesting about Hoskins, whose #'s were already "down" in a year when the ball is juiced. It just further drives down my optimism on him. Benintendi has some real issues, I'm not confident in him just figuring it back out again. Hoskins as well - it's not that I don't think he can't hit some homers, but his BA and other things were already down, balls traveling less far is just going to further hurt him.
  14. It's worth noting that the last 2 seasons on the road Bregman has produced: 2018 - 76 G, 350 PA, 15 HR, .273 BA, .374 OBP, .510 SLG 2019 - 76 G, 345 PA, 25 HR, .315 BA, .446 OBP, .663 SLG Either stat line is borderline elite. Expecting a drastic drop off is probably a bit unrealistic, really. If you want to factor in intangibles like a HBP making him miss a month of the season, well, ok, but that's a big of a leap. With 150+ games played he's a pretty safe bet for 30 home runs and a .285/.360/.500 line. In an elite lineup we're also going to get > 200 R+RBI.