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  1. Then when is it appropriate. Again, where is the cutoff? 3 runs ok? 4? 5? 6? What if they were down that many runs, etc. It's absolutely ridiculous. Make a good pitch and make him earn it if you feel so strongly about it. The pitcher grooving one is also just laying down. You're a professional, act like it. There are some things I absolutely don't like. This is far from one of them.
  2. Right, we don't know the context of all of them. I also am ignorant to the magic ratio of runs to innings left of play that allows a player to swing on 3-0. 7 runs in the 6th, swing? What about the 7th? Clearly, the 8th is a no no. What if it was just 6 runs. What if it was 4 but the leading team had the leagues best pitching and bullpen ready to mop it up... What if the team was down 8 runs? I mean, the game is out of hand, right? We don't expect the leading team to swing for more runs. Why does the team in a deficit need those runs if they are only prolonging the inevitable... Idk, call me crazy, but don't groove a 3-0 fastball maybe? I remember when Miggy hit a pitch that was part of an intentional walk for a go ahead single. I don't remember the outcry for that. Do the unwritten rules state the batter shouldn't swing when it's clear the other team is willing to put him on base for free? And that one put the Marlins ahead. Or was that the pitchers fault for not getting it far enough off the plate. But this (the Tatis homer) wasn't the pitchers fault for grooving it? He's a professional baseball pitcher. Tatis is a professional hitter. I can't imagine expecting a competitor to lay down just because they are too far up or down.
  3. Tatis has just turned into such a beast. Someone needs to let Woodward know there were 40 home runs hit last year in a 3-0 count, and 12 so far this year. Evidently Tatis dingers as especially offensive.
  4. Roll a pair of dice. When torn between arms like this I go with the best team context. Definitely keep Howard here.
  5. Houston fan so I hope Tucker does great. However - in a redraft league it's definitely Joc for me. Joc's a near lock for an .850 or so OPS, could definitely stay over .900. Last year was his age 27 season and it was a strong one. 160+ R+RBI, 30+ HR, and a .850+ OPS? I'd take that on my bench, plus he's possible also 1B eligible in your league which helps immensely in day to day lineups. In a keeper league, definitely Tucker. This season is too short to be riding a train powered on dreams and wishes. Tucker may not have enough time to carve out a spot and really contribute. Joc has that, and isn't just a good backup option, he's a strong starting option for your lineup as well. The ONLY thing Tucker offers as upside to Joc is SB potential.
  6. Flaherty. I also like Castillo more still, but there’s an argument for Gray right there with them. If you own gray you aren’t giving up anything of value with him for Flaherty, Castillo. Easily in the top 10, both redraft and dynasty.
  7. Not really. They should have never had the latitude to make choices like this.
  8. No use locking them in. If they leave the grounds it should be considered as opting out for the season. You want to walk about with reckless abandon, fine, but not when you jeopardize an entire clubhouse. See you in 2021.
  9. The only way the deal makes any sense at all is if you take team context into it. Even then, it's a a fairly easy no for me. Without Yelich your OF becomes pretty suspect.
  10. Too many personal jabs going back and forth. Replies hidden and thread is locked. The point was made about the quality of the trade.
  11. I don't know the finer points of it, but if a 48 game season was imposed I wouldn't be surprised to see a player strike/refusal to play.
  12. I think the opposite. With an 8-9 week regular season there isn’t a long enough season to do h2h. In a ten team league you may get to play everyone once, then no playoffs. My h2h leagues are going to do a roto style this year if it ends up being sub-60 games.
  13. Simple solution - open the books and prove it. They want everyone to just believe what they say in terms of financials relating to their clubs but won't open the books to show it.
  14. I didn't say he wouldn't be better, or anything of the sort. I said he had, by far, the lowest ceiling, and that's not really debatable. The first thing I said in my post was that I do indeed love Nico. And those #'s he posted aren't anything superlative. They are about in line with what he did in college too. Sure, arguing he may blow up just because of age is fine, but also check the age on the other 2 guys. The same argument exists - except they've actually shown a higher ceiling already.
  15. So, what exactly is your point? If that's your baseline than any amount of money they make over an average american salary will likely be too much, on your terms at least. I don't get the hate for the players in all this, or people calling them big babies because they don't just take whatever the ownership group gives them and play ball. Do people realize that money is going into the hands of the owners instead? Ticket prices aren't going back down, beer prices, nachos, etc. If that money isn't going to the players it's going to the owners. I don't blame them 1 iota for this situation, nor will I have any animosity towards the players union or players if this season doesn't happen. The ownership group wants to scream losses but won't open the books to show it? They want to negotiate in good faith and the players union take them at their words, but they've not done anything to earn that. I want there to be baseball, but this isn't on the players for not just taking whatever dollars they can get and playing.