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  1. lol at the Rams punting on 4th and 2 and the Ravens continuing to throw
  2. Was up by 30 w/ only Lamar left to play for my opponent. Figured it would be close.... Didn't figure I'd be losing early in the 3rd. What a joke
  3. was like a 10 yard throw and Wilson over threw it by 8-10 yards. Must have thought he had pressure behind him and just hurried it....bizarre
  4. Tale as old time Song as old as rhyme Julio and no TDs
  5. LOL As I'm reading your post I think that's brilliant to pick up Everett in case negative news comes out about Kittle before the game. I run to my league, pick up Everett, and drop Fant. Then I come back to this thread and finish your post where you say you would probably just start Fant. LOL too funny
  6. Well it's hard to know w/out having an idea of player ADP. But based on where I think they will go, here are the folks I'd be not thrilled w/ drafting: Kamara (assuming 1st round); Latavius not going anywhere Hopkins (assuming 1st round); Chubb (assuming 1st round); Hunt going to be a constant thorn Really kind of puts in perspective how big of an advantage it appears to be a top 4 pick next year (CMC, Cook, Barkley, Zeke). There are tons of questions about the players that follow. If you think of a top 10, perhaps: CMC, Cook, Barkley, Zeke, Thomas, Kamara, Chubb, Jacobs, Hopkins, Julio Hard to fill out the back end of the 1st round. Sheesh.
  7. I was wrong. Helmet came off, but he actually looked pretty embarrassed. Should be.
  8. then Rivers tears off his helmet and walks off the field w/ a super intense/mad look seen this movie too many times
  9. It's obvious how they feel about Rivers Don't turn the ball over and you are guaranteed a win over the shot putting geezer Basically have been taking knee since the start of the 4th
  10. two offenses playing paddy cake all 4th quarter pathetic
  11. Rivers is such trash...most overrated QB in the game for a long long time
  12. I think in the more competitive leagues, luck is a big factor....but that's probably obvious. I smoke my 8 team work league where my colleagues grab 2 defenses, 2 Qbs, etc. My gut also says PPR leagues are more skill based than standard, but I have a small sample size. You can project targets pretty well. My competitive 10 teamer is always a grind. I'm the dude always stocking my bench w/ lottery picks. Some season they hit and my team is money....sometimes they don't and I grind to be .500.