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  1. What is funny to me is that the ACTUAL NFL teams literally do every thing they can to get an advantage.....pushing the limits along the way. Whether it is having linemen become eligible receivers w/out the defense knowing it or using electronic means to learn about the opposition, they do it time and time again! Just look at the Antonio Brown and Kareem Hunts.....the NFL doesn't subscribe to the idea of "being a gentlemen". It's about winning....and nothing else. Hilarious that some expect fantasy players to have some sort of higher standards or moral compass then the professional sports league this is all built around. Everybody is all up in arms about how unfair this is.....what I think is more BS is when a player is rumored to be suspended entering the season, but nobody has a damn clue what the outcome will be (Zeke a couple of years ago comes to mind). There is always somebody who drafts them earlier then "they should go" and if an appeal is overturned, BAM, instant league winner. Those are the type of situations that f--- up leagues.....not this.
  2. In my competitive of the players just stopped setting their lineup. Been mailing it in for weeks. He happens to be playing me this week and lo and behold makes sure to swap Engram out last night for Higbee. I lost by a little over 1 point when Godwin caught that final pass. Definitely have the vibe of collusion - but can't really prove it. He won't be back in the league next year....I'm in an dogfight now for the playoffs. One of those losses where you feel like going on tilt and just benching all your players here on out and giving a middle finger to the commish.
  3. I just don't get all the protest talk or folks thinking it is cheating.... As FF players we do everything we can to tilt the odds in our favor. What if there were league mates that didn't know about rotoworld and didn't have up to the minute breaking news on players? Would that be cheating? What if there were players who had night jobs that could scour the free agent pool once waivers cleared Wednesday that cheating? Obviously the answer to both is's called exploiting the game w/in the current rules and structure of the league. This is absolutely no different. Making it through the rest of the year w/out altering lineup is probably not doable with injuries, but I'm sure as hell going to try.