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  1. Anything to see here? Admittedly his previous playing weight of 260 is much larger, but a variety of sources say 240+ is NFL playing weight for TEs. Seems like a steady drum beat of news...just hype?
  2. Doesn't even own a thread. Gurley out today. Anything to see here? More touches than CJA or Kelly?
  3. Agreed. This little nugget hurts Kelly the most....
  4. I think a case could be made to start both and they each still eat.
  5. Ware doubtful for Thursday. West not in game shape yet. Arrow pointing ^^^^^^
  6. Any chance at touches with Ware potentially out?
  7. It was too late for him to be active this past Sunday? Are people sleeping on him this week?
  8. This guy is radioactive. League will make an example of him. Best to cut all losses.
  9. Couldn't agree more, potentially strong keeper add. One of the recent articles here says Damien plays mainly on special teams while Darrel does not, though we're still not getting far this season with Ware infront.
  10. I thought UDFA. Anywho, here's article with more...
  11. Just took a look at contracts, Ware & Damien Williams end this year, Darrel has two more years. If you're thinking future, I think this kid could get some run this season to see what they got before they obviously have to address the position in the offseason.
  12. Sounds like Justin Forsett...was it two, three years ago? Just punched my ticket on the Gus Bus!
  13. League winner ROS? RB in Schottemheimer offense and can catch passes. Carson breaking down...
  14. Any word on Shady's leg/ankle...can't find a video of the injury. Re: the brain injury, think he'll be out of protocol by MNF?