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  1. Anyone got a LeagueSafe payment (majority vote) league drafting this friday (10/11)? >$50. can pm me here. thanks.
  2. If you are interested in these basic settings drafting Oct 11-13 weekend, pls msg me. Thanks. Majority vote of course.
  3. I'm in the next nfc 25 round, draft only , comp. Slow draft , roto, but it's seemingly good comp and it's running. That last part is key.
  4. maybe too many insights at this point! but, yeah many of us are wondering what/why with the Y! hosted money leagues... as nemesis says: the posted leagues in RW with leaguesafe are good, but would of course recommend double checking the "majority vote"=="YES" has been setup by the commish in the league safe. There is someone posting piles of "Pro League Safe... 78" etc (numbered) leagues in yahoo, but i think they are all 'commish total money control' setting in leaguesafe for payouts, and that's a major red flag unless you know about half the managers somehow.
  5. i tossed a line into my first nfc game. But without having ever seen the draft interface, etc (and it is basically just single flavor layout) I'd probably be looking for more RW posted majority approval leagues, hopefully on yahoo (i finally got all my $ leagues into yahoo last season, and wanna keep it that way). I have about 10 leagues i join/re-join or co-run each season (4-10 years going in each) plus 4-8 randoms (like yahoo cash), and I'd help run/run some new league safe based, y! leagues (maj approval of course)... but no way i want to run a 'trade whoever', 4-6 adds/week, unlimited season move stream fest. It's just a headache and you'll have gross turnover even if you get it filled. But if people want to do a weekly that drafts at least 190 total players, I'm down to run that (hash out the rest: roto, h2h, snake, auct, i'm flexible), or frankly a couple. Alt to weekly, i'd run 'total moves' limit leagues (like 40/season) for roto and h2h w daily, again w deep drafts (again, just to minimize 'running to the FA' pool as a focus).
  6. Just double checking: are any of these leagues actually drafting Oct 11,12,13 or definitely all of them 19, 20? Thanks.
  7. the reality is that this is just an empty phrase. When it was just "buddy" leagues in the early 2000s, ok maybe that's a usable rule. But as a commish, unless you have an ongoing track of two managers proposing absurd trades to one another, punting h2h points (or roto points), dropping FAs to bid when the other has held max money etc... what does it actually mean to prove collusion? Ask for everyone's email passwords and have them UPS their cell phones to you for review? Hope they confess like bad guys in a cartoon? At the end of the day, a terribly one sided trade is just damage to the league, period. I don't get the lesson of your AD trade story... everyone send out awful lowball offers all season and what?? hope one gets accepted ... hope 2 get accepted? How about if they all do? What's the league then? Garbage. Or was your point that in the end random luck prevailed and thank god the perceived obvious better player didn't perform versus the major breakout player that happened to continue to perform? so any trade is fine therefore?. Collusion or no, that league will fold. Now I'm not upset you made that trade offer at all, but I don't think it's right to think there shouldn't be some transparent way to evaluate trades in a league (votes, protests, metrics). Yahoo is basically acting as an "exchange" for season long bets on pools of player stats. You can't go into an internal review of that business, much less outside review/audit and say "about half the time there's collusion... we think". That's facilitating fraud. You think if you put out a bid for a stock on an exchange that's 20% off the last trade and it gets picked off/met by someone else that won't get an immediate investigation? Doesn't matter if it's "collusion". It's detriment to the market the exchange is tasked to oversee. I do think you could make a quantitative validation model for fantasy trades (same as exchanges have for accepted price submissions). It may only facilitate one for ones (like within a range of preseason rank/draft AND within a range of in-season rank), but if you had printed rules on how it worked, it'd be great i think. To me this should be the focus of a fantasy service for money that wants to keep trades and pass reviews of 'fairness'. (regularly updated 'rest of season auction'/$ values of all players, although high maintenance, could allow for 2 for 1 and 4 for 4 etc trades) Anyway, this also goes back to my highlighting that an online provider, that's been collecting money on these games for a while, has already been down this road... and they have zero trades allowed. No h2h. Not even TOs in the roto. And weekly sets so it'd be pretty standout even if someone tried forcing roto points away/to another manager. I doubt that's the only game style they offer because of demand. I'd guess they just want to say that their rules are tough as heck to manipulate when the audit comes through.
  8. Weekly, no trades and limited moves. Drafting more than 3 players w C only probably tricky, but that always is. Util spot is the implied C location if you wanna go big. I'd be fine to turn the pg into another util to make it "easier", but my point is to force a thoughtful draft.
  9. added two more bench to the settings... draft and stash your sleepers or late breakout candidates with the weekly setting plus extra deep bench (no need to play them for months if they're not getting the minutes early in the season). PG G F Util BN IL 1 2 2 2 8 2
  10. This was what I was going on. Although I did one of the later leagues you mentioned, and it didn't go well... Someone's money didn't clear, they didn't draft live and we're in the league still. Somehow they paid a week into the season, but like 3 teams stopped playing after a few weeks. It was definitely a last minute league launch, so those types of problems I can't really say are a direct symptom of the leagues setup.
  11. well, it was ripe for that. I think in theory a manager could only pick a game configuration that they "desired" to play, and then would get assigned a league. The problem was that there wasn't (probably isn't going to be) enough managers to have multiple games fitting one criteria in a given time window, so then you could easily "know" which league you're going into. That makes it easy to buddy up, or buy two teams. Dropping players to waivers for other teams (once they are best priority), trades, punting h2h points... not much recourse that i saw available. I sent a protest in for a trade that no way would've stood in many private money leagues i've played in, but it was deaf ears. In the end, i don't see how they won't discover the need for same kinds of rules as: who have been doing 'strangers online' money leagues for a while... no trades, only blind bids on FAs, only roto, no TOs, weekly lineups. (I have not done one of them... yet) Without a "real" league commish, it's difficult to oversee deviations from those settings. I joined two Y! cash leagues last year, and I didn't really see any issues in one of them, but I didn't really see great safeguards either. is this all leading up to why i'm starting a cheapy/$40 Y! league w no trades h2h and weekly lineups that drafts in September? mmmmaybe. maybe they get real changes into the yahoo pro money leagues though. we will see. If i can't fill my early league, I'll probably do a early cash pro league just for the live "money in it" draft practice, and then hope for the best as far as ethics of the other managers in season.
  12. Meant to be a tune-up, draft focused league. Weekly setting, no trades, 16 moves on the year (2 per week max). 100% paid out: reg season 1st: $100, 2nd $60 playoffs: $200, $130, $70 Roster Positions: PG, G, G, F, F, Util, Util, BN, BN, BN, BN, BN, BN, IL, IL Players Stat Categories: Points Scored (PTS), Total Rebounds (REB), Assists (AST), Steals (ST), Blocked Shots (BLK), Turnovers (TO)
  13. I have to drop. I somehow initially thought this was friday, and have another commitment tomorrow night. Don't even think I can get a custom bot ready in time... But I will offer it if I do.