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  1. I can definitely see DJ going to TB if he's cut loose to reunite with Arians. That would be a good landing spot for him to try to resurrect his career.
  2. I lost last week in all 3 leagues that I was still alive in but held out hope that I could at least win some 3rd place money in all 3. $120 in one league, $60 in another and $50 in the other. Well, I went up against Saquon and/or Devonta Freeman in 2 of them and Tyler Boyd in the other and it looks like I'll end the season on a 6 game losing streak with no money to show for it. But I'll be back for more next year. I think I enjoy the mental abuse.
  3. Yeah, something about fantasy football just keeps me coming back year after year. It could be that I like a game of chance, it could be that I'm a big football fan not sure what it is but I'll probably be back again next year.
  4. I was in first place in a money league for most of the season and finished the regular season with an 11-2 record. I received a first round bye so naturally I thought I was sitting pretty to win it all. I ended up playing the 6th place team so I thought I had it in the bag. Wrong. It seemed like every player in his lineup had the game of their lives and he finished with 160 half ppr points to my score of 114. Now I'm in the 3rd place game trying to win $50 rather than playing for the $500 winner's prize. Such is fantasy and it makes me really think: "Do I really want to put myself through this again next year?" But alas I always come back for more to play again.
  5. I would rank the top 3 as: 1) Boone (if both Cook and Mattison are out) 2) Perriman 3) Conley If Cook plays then forget Boone and if Mattison plays but not Cook, I would move Boone to 3rd behind Perriman and Conley.
  6. I agree with starting Fournette.
  7. 0.5 PPR (half point PPR) Marlon Mack @ New Orleans or Patrick Laird @ NY Giants Will help you in return.
  8. As mentioned, Griffin can put up stats as he has shown in the preseason so if Winston misses, I think that he still has a chance to have a decent statline. He is a good qb who just for whatever reason has never received a fair shot in regular season games. He proved himself time and time again in the preseason yet the teams that he was with would never allow him to rise above 3rd string status. He's the backup to Winston only because of an injury to Blaine Gabbert though he thoroughly outplayed Gabbert in the preseason.
  9. Peterson will likely be shadowing him but he isn't the shutdown cb he once was. I think the bigger concern is Beckham's groin issue and the chance of him aggravating it. The matchup is ideal but he hasn't done much recently.
  10. This morning it was reported that he is struggling to grip a football but was throwing a tennis ball so I think there's still a chance that he could miss the game.
  11. The only concern this week may be the weather for the game as there could be rain. But otherwise, I love the matchup.
  12. If he plays which it sounds like there is a good chance of, I'll be trotting him out there hoping for the best.
  13. Thanks for the input. I was also leaning to Washington.
  14. PPR John Brown vs. Bal or James Washington @ Arz? Will help you in return if you answer mine.
  15. I think that Montgomery will have something along the lines of a 15 carries for 60 yards and 3 receptions for 20 yards possibly with a td, statline. Just a hunch. Dallas's defense isn't totally dominant but they can be tough.