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  1. Sanders for sure, more opportunities in PPR.
  2. Hard to bench Ekeler, I'd roll with him.
  3. I'd go Adams, Parker, Allen here. They're all a bit safer, too.
  4. Loving Boone's upside here. It's close, but I lean him.
  5. Overthinking this one like crazy. Definitely need opinions here lol
  6. Not worrying about this till Sunday. Weather always changes. It would have to be horrific to sit this guy
  7. Not his fault, but arguably the biggest bust this year smh
  8. Need 26.7 combined from Barkley and Eagles D/ST in PPR
  9. The hope is for a ton of checkdowns. If Jones was starting, I wouldnt be feeling so great. I think he has a floor of 15 in PPR tonight
  10. For who? Hes still a very solid bench player in a 10 teamer, unless there were players on your WW that shouldn't be.
  11. This feels like one of those ugly TNF games to me(most of them have been, anyway). I'm very hesitant to roll him out there
  12. Safely droppable in leagues under 14 players. You're hoping for a goal line carry, that's about it. I don't see how you can start this guy in the playoffs, unless your WW is horrendous and/or decimated by injuries
  13. I'll take the 14 points, but I'm trying to fade him next week against the Eagles. I simply dont trust this situation at all. Most probably don't have a better option, but I'm done starting him based off of name value.
  14. Starting him over Barkley this upcoming week in the playoffs, idc. This guy is a solid RB2, as I don't see the Chargers having a lead much ROS.