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  1. “ Daniel Jones (ankle) is in a walking boot and is expected to miss Monday night's Week 14 game against the Eagles. Eli Manning is expected to get the start, according to coach Pat Shurmur. The Giants have an extra day to get ready for Monday night, but Jones is dealing with a "mid high-ankle sprain" that is expected to cost him at least one game. Jones has mostly been a disaster since replacing Manning at quarterback, fumbling and throwing interceptions at a wild rate, so this gives him a chance to sort of reset while Manning gets his final snaps with the only team he's ever known.” mostly been a disaster? Who writes this nonsense?
  2. this was really great and well worth the read. TOTALLY not the ending I was expecting. Thanks for sharing. so great.
  3. I’m in. The Aaron Jones snow angel TD called back turning into a Adams TD was the difference. I had Rodgers and Adams to his Jones and I won by 15
  4. I’m all in. Sadly. it’s going to epic. Or epically terrible.
  5. In one league I drafted Josh Gordon AJ Green Antonio Brown
  6. I think it would be easier for me to list the players that I’m willing to draft.
  7. Hate dropped never felt so good. Just ran out of options.
  8. This just isn’t fun anymore. I keep waiting. And waiting. And waiting. And waiting. And waiting. And waiting. And waiting. And waiting. And waiting. And waiting.
  9. as a drake owner and in desperate need of RB production I really hope you are correct fine sir.
  10. I hope you’re wrong. 🤪. But I kind of agree. I held for long.
  11. I dropped him in both my leagues. He was picked up in one. After week 1 it’s been pretty rough. If his name was Cole Beasley he would have been on waivers since week 3.
  12. Not fair. Exactly what is your definition of the word “interesting”