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  1. Don’t know why everyone says chase is better cause he’s really not, only in passing situations he is a bit better cause of his route running, he can’t block like drake.... people need to stop screaming for chase cause he isn’t a 3 down back
  2. Drake to outscore zeke by 10, I have faith! Drake 3td game coming!
  3. Bell is actually in KC at the moment according to his snapchat, I think he signs with KC!
  4. Actually false drake runs plenty of routes every game, mostly pass blocking then going out for a quick dump off however, kyler either throws it down field quickly on one read or takes off with it.
  5. Relax they want to give him the ball I still think he’s a fine WR2 with big play ability
  6. Lol a broken dislocated ankle whatever is it is literally the season, look at Vita Vea the other night, broken ankle and this injury is gruesome.
  7. Don’t think it’s worst case it was pouring rain the entire game, I still think he will have his weeks but a injury to Everett would obviously help him out a lot
  8. Only a fool would think he’s playing Monday night, they just want the chargers to keep thinking he might suit up. bench him, don’t risk playing him for Monday night
  9. Only for “emergency” Fournette gonna get the rock at least 15 times lol.
  10. I have a strange feeling Jones won’t catch more than 2 passes this week, Vaughn might be the pass catching back. however, Jones showed last week how he can handle the rock, showing tremendous vision, acceleration, and power. I say 18 carries for 92 yards, 1TD and 2 catches for 12 yards!
  11. Look for Moore to beat man coverage and get the ball I say 6-7-8 times for about 80 yards, gotta hope for a TD but this might be the good get right game for him. Hope the falcons take an early 14-0 lead.
  12. Very strange he had a deleted tweet from this morning, I would say he’s 90% out but there’s a small chance he can suit up
  13. It’s not Drakes fault the blocking up front is horrendous, he isn’t running pass routes as often as he did last year, and I’ve seen Kyler RPO more often that not than last year. Blame it on Kliff, they need to make adjustments and I believe it will happen soon as this week especially losing to the lions and panthers. drake is a low end RB2 as of right now but he still has time to turn it around
  14. No you don’t start him period this is a major red flag, might have to slot in Preston Williams to bite the bullet
  15. I think he actually has the chance to, he gets all the looks down field in the red zone along with gage. Ridley gonna have at least 16 tds this year and I’m not kidding