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  1. I sent this offer right when Saquon got injured thinking he would be out longer. She now sent it back knowing what we know now. Derek Henry has been solid. It's .5 PPR 12 Man and I'm 2-3. Honestly torn. Any thoughts or advice appreciate
  2. I would feel good about this team. Hopefully Guice can become a god for you. He looked explosive from what I've seen and maybe just takes a few weeks to take over that backfield. Father time always wins and Guice is young and fresh and AP (with the upmost respect) is old and has the milage. A SWITCH would be pretty good for your fantasy football dreams.
  3. I would honestly hold luck probably.... You never know if he comes back after a year. The dude is 29 and still has it. Maybe he misses it after a year. Obviously it hurts but I still like the team a lot and you can overcome it, young good team.
  4. I mean gordon isnt his lock to play WR2 every week right? He can put fuller in... Locket.... I like this team a lot seems balanced. I would feel good about it. See mine
  5. 12 man .5 PPR 2QB 2WR 1FLEX TE 7 BENCH QB: Matt Ryan, Carson Wentz, Tom Brady RB: Saquon Barkley, Todd Gurley, Aaron Jones, Miles Sanders, Carlos Hyde, Malcom Brown WR: Robert Woods, Alshon Jeffery, Courtland Sutton, John Brown, Trequon Smith TE: Austin Hooper Def: Bills
  6. I have Faith in Gronk after the bye week. He's been practicing too. I'd go Gronk.
  7. I agree with your insight on it not being that simple. DJ Moore is a bench player for me seeing I'm starting Diggs and Antonio Brown. Thank you
  8. Yeah I agree Brate will have an uptick and be decent especially with Howard out and the TE landscape being thin this year. I still think Kelce is worth it he's a big part of one of the best offenses and there will be games where Brate doesn't do much and not many at all where Kelce doesn't do much plus a higher ceiling.
  9. I would go Fitz. With the new OC he is solid now.
  10. I like it. Luck's having a great year and that offense is booming.
  11. I would trade Chubb for Kelce just based on your depth. Kelce is a big advantage at TE. Worth it.
  12. Green for Mack straight up. Colts offense is booming their oline is good now and Mack has huge upside and who knows how good green comes back
  13. I like Winston but play Cousins. He tore up GB earlier in the year and it's a home game this time. Good luck
  14. I mean you never know. I think Diggs Sanders DJ is more fair but maybe he bites on Sanders J.Gordon DJ? I wouldnt want to get rid of Connor if I were you.