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  1. Hugely disappointing. Game script was also in his favor.
  2. You’re playing roulette with him. Gotta be better options out there.
  3. He’ll be fine. Relax. They need him to win.
  4. He looked injured there at the end
  5. Gallup Gaskin. Broncos Pats postponed.
  6. I have a feeling this is the game where Drake turns it around
  7. Burton/Dissley/Rudolph are basically zeros. I’d take that off the board. With how Dobbins has been playing lately, it’s not clear to me he’d get picked up off the WW. You may be able to pick up again next week for free.
  8. My team: RB: J Jacobs/ K Drake/ J Robinson/ R Mostert/ M Davis/ D Johnson WRs: C Kupp/ A Brown/ D Slayton / S Miller (lol) His team: RB: Conner/ R Jones/ McKinnon/ Dobbins/ Freeman WR: Julio/ DK/ Shenault/ Cole/ Higgins I was offered DK and Freeman for Kupp and Robinson. I’m paper thin at WR. DK for Kupp is a clear upgrade but Robinson for Freeman is a clear downgrade, but I do have a lot of RB depth. While I acquire a better WR, this doesn’t improve my WR depth, and my RBs take a clear hit. Sum total not sure how much this improves my roster. Oh and I’m going head to head against the owner this week. Need your guys help. Thoughts/comments/piss off? Share a link and I’ll provide feedback.
  9. Seems like good bye week or flex filler. Should be good for 70 total yards a game, a few grabs and chance of a TD.